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November 7, 2013 / KristenMakes

Oh the Activity!

I’m sorry guys.  I keep too busy to blog and them bam!  There is so much to blog about!  Quick updates:

1)  Thanks SO much for the support on my last blog post.  While I’m leaving a lot behind, I know I will at least get to take my connections and relationships with me wherever I go.  You guys are awesome.

2)  Really old news: my husband has his PhD now!  He passed his viva back in July, and if we were being all 1950’s about it, you could call us Dr and Mrs Trent Orme!  I am so proud of him.  Graduation is later this month.

3)  My Polished Knits class at Be Inspired Fibres was great!  Mei has a terrific space for classes and made us all feel at home with the tea and treats.  The students were fantastic – eager to learn and great chat to be had.  I always get so busy and excited during a class that I never take pictures, but I did at least take a photo of the class before it started.  It is a very prop-heavy class; I love to bring in my tools to share.  Don’t worry if you missed it – I’ve got another session scheduled for Saturday, 7th December.

That Polished Knit class

4)  I’ve had another pattern published in Knit Now magazine: the Tartan & Barleycorn Scarf.  It looks so great on the model (Fiona for Boss Models), and I’m so excited that it made it to the cover!  It was a nice Autumn project, and anything with tassels is just tops, right?  The yarn is King Cole Baby Alpaca DK, which is super cosy and soft.

Photography by Dan Walmsley

Photography by Dan Walmsley

(C) Practical Publishing

(C) Practical Publishing

Well that’s all the latest on me!  There is so much going on, I’m sure there will be another update soon.  Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying some lovely Autumn weather.


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  1. Crafted by Carly / Nov 7 2013 6:46 am

    Exciting stuff! Congratulations all round! 🙂

  2. shivani / Nov 7 2013 6:49 am

    exciting times! great pattern – must remember to pick up a copy of Knit Now! x

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