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March 17, 2013 / KristenMakes


I sit here now with complete and utter satisfaction and happiness now that yesterday’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival was a raging success!  Not that I had any doubts or worries about that, but there was a wee bit of anxiousness on my end regarding the class I was to teach.  I’m so glad to say that was a success too!

I made it to Edinburgh early on an 8:20 bus through snow and rain, and trudged with my supplies through the city I love and miss, and joined the (HUGE!) queue that was already forming outside the Old Drill Hall where EYF was held.

The Entrance

Once I made it through the doors, I could not believe my eyes!  The hall was jam-packed with stalls, full to bursting with lovely yarn and fleece and patterns, not to mention the CROWD!  I couldn’t really take too many pictures because the place was so bustling, but I did make my way straight to the merchandise table for some goodies!

The Merch

I mulled around taking in the excitement and catching up with so many knitterly friends!  Some people I hadn’t seen in years (Helen of Ripples Crafts, and Fiona – what a lovely surprise!), and some I just hadn’t seen since our move to Galashiels (Rachel, and the rest of the knitting group).  Ysolda was there with her lovely assistants Sarah and Bex, and of course her beautiful samples, books and the photo booth!  Cassandra of The Stitchery was there, as well as my good friend and fellow EYF teacher Vala (if you recall she & Iain of The Lindstrom Effect did the brilliant EYF logo), and also fellow teacher (and fabby designer) Karina!

I was a bit distracted until my class and stole into the room a bit early to set up.  The students were really keen and eager to learn, which made for such a great environment!  I met some really great knitters and loved getting to know them, learn about their projects and experiences, and share with them the tricks and the techniques that I love using.  The time passed of course far too quickly – I felt we could have gone on for hours more!  After the class, I was ready to shop, and Rachel & I ran all around chatting and browsing.  By the time I left, the cow which the Craft Reactor folk where working on had completely been transformed into a sheep!  Fantastic work!

The Sheep

I pretty much zoned out on the bus ride home, quickly learning that I was too tired even to knit!  And now, the following morning, I find myself sleepy still, but recovered enough to blog and play with my new toys!  I’d made off with more loot than I usually allow myself to buy, and felt pretty good about my purchases.

The Loot

I hear talk of the event being on for next year, and sincerely recommend you try and attend if you can!  What a fantastic event, which Edinburgh really needed!  A huge HUGE “Well done” to the amazing organisers – Jo, Mica and Linda.  You really outdid yourselves, and deserve a huge thanks!  I am so honoured to have been involved, thank you.


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