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September 20, 2013 / KristenMakes

New Pattern: Grace Adieu Capelet

Well there is this lovely new pattern out just now, let’s see, hmmm…  Oh yes, its mine!  The Grace Adieu Capelet (apologies, I just recently rewatched What About Bob and have the book Baby Steps on my mind).  I’m really excited about this pattern and the fabulous issue of Knit Now that has featured it.

(c) Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing

(c) Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing

My description of the pattern says it best:

I love a bit of magic and mischief! Having enjoyed Susanna Clarke’s books, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and The Ladies of Grace Adieu, I am entranced by the idea of fairies entering into our world and interfering with ordinary lives. This capelet was inspired by the intermingling of high society and playful mischief, of reason and madness, giving a bit of lightness and swing to an otherwise elegant piece. I imagine the folds in the sleeves to be fairy wings, prepared to flit off before being caught in your misdoings.

The idea the the land of Faerie is out there, with secret doorways, and meddling fairies is such an intriguing one.  If you want a taster, check out David’s post on Debi’s My Happy Sewing Place, where he shares a story from the latter book.

Grace Adieu Capelet

The design of the capelet is simple, but the details aren’t.  The shoulders feature a honeycomb slip-stitch, and short rows for the “wings”.  By increasing only over the arms, the body is straight and the folds stay right in place centred over the arms.  A garter stitch border at the hem weighs it down nicely, and the buttons of course, add a nice touch.



The issue is on sale now, so run out and get yourself a copy!  You can also get the digital version here.

The yarn is squishy and gorgeous – Malabrigo Silky Merino – and you can now get some in Knit Now‘s giveaway, on from today until the 4th of October I believe.  They are giving away enough yarn to knit your own – £40 worth!  What a pleasure it was to work with; it is highly knittable, I must say.



September 17, 2013 / KristenMakes

Polish those Knits with me!

So you may have missed me teaching That Polished Knit at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this past March, but all hope is not lost!  I’m teaching another finishing class next month at one of Edinburgh’s newest yarn shops, Be Inspired Fibres.  The class is a half-day from 2-5, on Saturday, 19th October.

That Polished Knit_Be Inspired Fibres flyer copy

I love teaching all sorts of classes, but Finishing is particularly fun because I like to tailor the class to its participants.  This way every student can ensure that they learn something (or several things) that they did not know before.

I used to really loathe things like seaming, blocking or weaving in ends (and those are just the simple finishing tasks!) but now, the finishing stage is actually my favourite part.


 It is when your FO goes from hand-knitted item to gorgeous covet-able heirloom piece.  I cherish that transformation, and love showing students how they can too.

So if you’re interested in the class and have some questions, be sure to get in touch with me (, or if you fancy booking, you can do so immediately!  Online booking and more info on the class is available here; just click to THAT POLISHED KNIT with Kristen Orme.

Knit-side Hole

We can even cover mending in the class

Also in October is an Open Day at the Yarn Pony studio!  The amazing Mica, who has one heck of an eye for colour with her stunning hand-dyed yarns, will be opening her doors to anyone and everyone on Saturday, 12th October.  So that calendar is filling up pretty quickly; may as well be calling it Knictober!

yarn pony[image via]

September 8, 2013 / KristenMakes

A Summer of Knitterly Events

It’s been a really busy summer, both in and out of work.  At work, we are in peak production just now, with loads of amazing knitted items coming in and being sent on their merry way.  Its a thrill that, while busy and stressful, remains exciting and makes each day an adventure.

Somehow, we’ve managed to squeeze in a few knitting events in Edinburgh this summer.  I can’t say no to any chance of meeting with and teaching knitters, so I went to both our Yarn Forward event at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival in July, and also to our Hand-Knitting Party at the V&C Scottish Gift Hall in Jenners in August.

Yarn Forward was a workshop at the Fashion Festival inside the City Arts Centre, so we had a lovely space and table, which we littered immediately with yarn and needles.  We had loads of activities ready – pom pom making, finger knitting, knitting a rabbit or a fish – but were ready to demonstrate any knitting technique or answer any question that came up.



[Image via]

I had arranged for one of our star knitters to send in her current project back to us unfinished, so that we could display it and show a sweater-in-progress.  This sweater is our hand-knitted Horizon Fair Isle Yoke Pullover, knitted in lambswool.


The star knitter came to visit us too, and was really pleased with what we had done! Happy moment for me indeed!  We had all sorts of other visitors too, students, children, parents, even some of the City Arts Centre crew sat down for some knitting lessons.


[Image via]

Kelsey who works with us had patterned out a baby hat, and which one knitter sat down and knitted entirely then and there! The hats turned out adorable.


We also had a lovely visit from Jess, of Ginger Twist Studios! She sat down for a bit of knit and chat, so we got a chance to catch up (and pose for a picture of course).


Love this gal!

The next event was our Hand-Knitters’ Party in August.  Valvona & Crolla with Jenners were kind enough to host us and invite along anyone who fancied a drop-in for some knitting, tea, cake, and chat.   We were able to sit right in the middle of the Scottish Gift Hall, surrounded by some fantastic Scottish brands (including our own!).

HK Party_3

We had a great time and the cakes were fantastic (so obviously they didn’t last long!).  People kept on dropping by and stopping to chat, whether they’d heard about the event or not.  I mean, who can pass up a chance to knit, or at least to stare at knitters knitting?

HK Party_4

HK Party_2

HK Party_6

HK Party_7

HK Party_1

It was fun to sit and chat with other knitters, and help to answer some questions too.  I got to demonstrate continental knitting and two-handed fair isle, and also help a few people out of the knitting troubles.  We had some more of our own knitters who lived locally come to visit, and even sit and knit with us for awhile.  It’s a great chance to get to know them, beyond our usual phone chats.  I quite enjoy these events and look forward to having another one soon hopefully!