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June 16, 2013 / KristenMakes

Slow Weekends

Weekends have been a bit busy here of late, and the next few weekends coming up promise to be full on too.  So I was pleased when it so happened that we had no plans this weekend.  Yesterday was slow and relaxing, and today has been too.  This weekend has seen me working on my Kat Strapless dress.  The bodice with lining and boning is now complete.  The skirt is mostly complete.  Lastly is the zip, then putting the bodice and skirt together.

Kat dress progress

I also made some pretty tasty cookies today!  The recipe for these (are you ready?) Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pretzel Cookies was found and pinned from here, and have proven pretty yum.

chocolate peanut butter cookies

The weather has been nice, but after a 9-mile walk last weekend, we haven’t done much out this weekend; although I did have a bit of fun with my new phone and camera/panorama option with the view of Galashiels from just beyond our flat:


I name this picture Galarama.  My new phone is a Windows phone and I love it!  It’s nice to have a phone that can handle Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest apps.  My last phone was a pretty old iPhone and all the apps had moved beyond its capabilities.

Also this weekend I had a nice chat with my pops (it’s Father’s Day!) and am just about now off to roast a chicken for dinner.  I’m really feeling like a good wife and daughter this weekend.  Pat on the back!


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  1. Marilyn S / Jun 16 2013 11:55 am

    You are an awesome daughter, for sure, and a super wife! Big pats on the back to you! I’m getting excited to see the finished dress!!! Chuckles about your M-22 cup on your sewing table…. We will be there soon!! Cherry Hut!

  2. Amanda / Jun 16 2013 6:23 pm

    Sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend!

  3. suerawlinson / Jun 18 2013 12:32 pm

    well your quiet days sound busy too – hope you manage some rest before another busy weekend

  4. kathryn / Jun 19 2013 10:48 am

    oh my those cookies look and sound amazing! Looking forward to seeing your new dress when it’s done.

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