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September 26, 2012 / KristenMakes

On Life and its Changes

A conversation.

Fictitious Blog Reader:  So Kristen, didn’t you have a fabulous new collection of hand-knitted garments that was all ready to go live?

KristenMakes: Yes, I did.

FBR:  But I haven’t seen anything about it for weeks!  Is everything OK?

KM: Oh yes, it is. (wry smile)

FBR:  Care to elaborate on why it has been delayed?

KM:  Yes, I do.

I got a job!  My previous job was great, working part-time in hand-knit;  but life moves and you move with it…  So now, I am full-time hand-knit production coordinator and Eribe Knitwear!  I have been pretty busy during the transition between jobs (putting everything from the blog to the collection on hold), but everything is going great and I have really enjoyed the move.

Eribe is a knitwear company located in the Borders area of Scotland, south of Edinburgh.  They specialise in unique and quirky fair isle machine-knit with fun colours and natural fibres, but also they have a pretty significant hand-knit segment.

I get to work with the designers and take their colour palette, fibres and direction and interpret it all into hand-knittable designs which I then develop and send out to our knitters.  I love working in the production end, dipping in and out of design, planning out the AW13 collection.  Every day is different, and the Eribe team is so much fun to work with!

FBR:  so is that it for the collection and your own work?

KM:  Goodness no!  Now that things are getting back on track and into a regular routine I will focus back onto directing my free-time back into my own work.

I’ve got plans for patterns, classes, designs, all of it!  I just hope to be able to keep everything up to date blogwise.  But as always, I’m enjoying the ride that is life…  In the meantime, have a trawl around the Eribe website, especially the hand-knitters section!



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  1. Lizz @ A Good Wardrobe / Sep 26 2012 4:41 pm


  2. Tasha @ By gum, by golly! / Sep 26 2012 4:52 pm

    That is terribly exciting, congratulations!!

  3. Kerry / Sep 26 2012 6:11 pm

    Congratulations! That job sounds perfect for you and it looks like a great company. I had noted your absence from blogging but thought it was probably work related. Nice work!

  4. Sue / Sep 26 2012 6:37 pm

    Your new job sounds so exciting. I enjoyed the link; what a lovely place to work.

  5. Mum / Sep 26 2012 9:19 pm

    Sounds perfect though I do miss your posts!

  6. Scruffybadger / Sep 27 2012 2:04 am

    Congratulations kristen!! Sounds like a dream job!!

  7. indigorchid / Sep 27 2012 3:25 am

    That is so exciting – congratulations! I’m thrilled for you!

  8. Fiona / Sep 27 2012 3:50 am

    What a brilliant job! Congratulations!

  9. Melizza / Sep 27 2012 1:04 pm

    Congrats on your new job!

  10. Franca / Sep 27 2012 2:44 pm

    Congratulations, that’s fab news!

  11. Crafted by Carly / Sep 27 2012 3:12 pm

    How exciting!!! Congratulations to you!!!

  12. shivani / Oct 1 2012 12:43 pm

    Congratulations on your new job! how exciting 🙂 x

  13. Debi / Oct 3 2012 3:14 pm

    Yipppeee! Huge congrats are in order! I think we should celebrate properly in the near future (another sushi night?) thanks for the link to Eribe… I am just loving their stuff! Are there any stockists in Edinburgh city centre?

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