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July 21, 2012 / KristenMakes

Stash Love

I found myself at 11pm last night unforeseeably going through my yarn stash. I guess I was looking for a yarn for a new project but got distracted and had to reorganise. As such, I found myself fondling some of the favourite yarns from my stash and thinking back to how I acquired them.
This Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply is one of the older items I have. I bought it about 2 1/2 years ago when I was working at a yarn shop and we had a Fyberspates Trunk show. I fell in love with the silky wool blend, and even later designed Silverlode for it in the Oyster colourway. Since then, Fyberspates has just exploded! Once a small hand-dyeing operation, they now have a US distributor I believe, and yarns in John Lewis! I love having this skein as a remnant of their beginnings.
Ripples Crafts is another hand-dyer that I met through a trunk show at the yarn shop, and I have come to know Helen more through yarn marketplaces and working with Di. Her colourways are just gorgeous and so unique. Every time I see her stall, I work really hard to NOT buy something, but often times I fail at that. This particular love of mine is a lacewegith that I purchased about a year ago at a yarn marketplace at Queen Margaret University – where I actually first met Di! I love the different shades of yellow and burnished gold, and have no idea what to knit it into that could possibly live up to its colour standard.
This is a simple undyed sock yarn which I bought from a shop in Bath called quite simply, Wool. I was visiting with Trent and his parents and it was such a blissful and lovely trip, topped off with a visit to this fabulous treasure of a shop. There was a comfy couch for Trent and loads of yarn for me! I chose this undyed 4-ply because I love making socks and shawls and 1 100g hank is usually just plenty for the task. Plus I’ve tried my hand at home-dyeing a few times and thought it’d be fun to revisit sometime. Obviously I haven’t yet. Again a case of knitters and (dyers block).
This squishy love of mine was from a yarn swap! The lovely Tinks and Frogs and I did a yarn swap and while I sent her a lovely skein of Ripples Crafts, she sent me this beauty, Swans Island organic merino fingering, which I had admired from her Citron. The colour is fantastic and it just feels so soft!
This 4-ply by Madeline Tosh came into my collection during my visit home to Florida last Christmas. On a mom and daughter day out, we went to a yarn shop in Cocoa Village called Knit and Stitch Boutique.  My mom was so kind as to offer me a wooly treat of my choice!  Having heard so much online about Madeline Tosh I was instantly drawn to this selection and love the feel of it!  Again, no clue yet what to do with it!
The last of my special skeins is a yarn from an Old Maiden Aunt dyeing workshop that I took with my knitting pal Rachel a while back. The yarn is a bamboo/wool blend. Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt explained that the bamboo fibres don’t take to the dye like the wool does, so that leaves an effect that to me looks slightly sheeny and silky. You can’t see this so much from the photo, but it is really nice.

Now with all these yarns I mostly don’t yet know what I’ll do with them, but in the meantime, I love coming across them from time to time while rummaging through my stash, and I love the feel, smell and memories that each lovely skein brings out.  Do your fibrey items and stashed treasures have the same effect for you?



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  1. Mum / Jul 21 2012 10:33 am

    Scrumptious! Reminds me of my fabric stash!

  2. KristenMakes / Jul 21 2012 10:53 am

    haha Yeah! I also love raiding your fabric stash, mom!

  3. Sue / Jul 21 2012 1:53 pm

    I can’t believe you remember where you got each one. They’re all so pretty. You could always make a new item for your mother-in-law. I know she loves what you make.

  4. Maddie Flanigan / Jul 30 2012 8:21 am

    I’m guilty of the same thing – raiding my stash. I usually cause a mess but hey, it’s better than spending money on new fabric/yarn!

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