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January 14, 2012 / KristenMakes

FO’s and Projects on the Go

It’s about time that I share with you the projects with which I have started 2012. I find myself with actually only a few projects at the moment, but I also have some recent FO’s with which I’m a bit pleased.  I usually have a lot more on-the-go’s, and I’m sure that very soon I will be starting more.

The first FO (and in these pictures you can see my new haircut too) is the short row sweater by purl soho.      It’s an interesting construction in that you knit back and forth in short rows until you have a wide triangle (in which you’ve added neckline and armholes) where the ends wrap over each other and the top edge becomes the shoulder seams.  Additionally I modified mine by adding sleeves, short row style.       

The pattern is free and really fun!  Lots of stockinette which you know I love.  I wanted to use some DK yarn instead, so I modified the pattern to accommodate my own gauge.  Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to keeping that gauge and the top turned out a bit tiny.


At first I was really unhappy with the result (which was my own fault, of course) so the finished garment sat for a few weeks.  Finally I went back to it, wove in my ends, blocked (meanwhile stretching the heck out of it) and I’m pretty please with it now!  The ravelry link for the pattern is here.

The other 2 FO’s were finished just before Christmas, as gifts.  I made for my friend Sara the crochet bib necklace out of yarn I dyed with black beans a few years ago.  I only did one strip rather than the pattern’s suggested three, and I soaked it in sugar water and let it dry so as to give it stiffness.  She really liked it, which makes me pleased as punch!  She is an incredibly talented painter so whenever I make her something and she likes it, I give myself a pat on the back…

For a new friend of ours, Sally, I made a Selbu Modern.  She really liked mine and joked that she’d like one so I decided to surprise her with it!  The pattern is free and really quick to knit.  I was happy to have an excuse to do it again.


Ok, so those are my recent FO’s, but what do I currently have on the needles?  Another sweater for Trenty!  This one is just a basic crew-neck jumper from JC Rennie chunky lambswool, which is really an aran weight.  Di Gilpin (the incredible knitwear designer who is also my employer!) sells it off the cone from her studio, which means you can get exactly the right amount that you need, so I got some lovely charcoal black for this project.  Just like last year’s jumper that I made for him, this took three frogs to get the shoulders right but now it is a perfect fit.

I did the 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders and short-row set-in sleeves – both techniques yield very clean results inside and out.  I just need about 1 and a half more sleeves to go and this baby is complete!


Another project of mine was one that I began the night before we flew to Florida because I was in need of some good airplane knitting (yes, I ALWAYS knit on planes, and so far I have NEVER had my needles confiscated at security).  The Fountain Pen shawl pattern by Susan Lawrence fit the bill.  A lovely design, easy repeat, and a big project!  My dream.

I’m using a skein of Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca/Merino laceweight from the dyeing workshop Rachel & I did last year, but in retrospect it may have been pretty cool to use a deep inky colour like blue, black, or indigo (because its a fountain pen shawl!) but it’s still lovely in the soft grey.

 That’s it at the moment for knitting projects, however I am really excited about my next sewing project: the Minoru Jacket by Tasia of Sewaholic!  I got the pattern from my mom for Christmas and we went to Joann’s to pick out the fabric:

The dark tan is for the outer of the jacket.  The flannel is for the lining, much like Molly’s version, which I loved so much!  The only downside was there was not enough of the fabric for the entire lining so I got the red flannel for the sleeve lining so that it doesn’t show.  I’m just waiting on the zip and the water-repellent wash that I just ordered, and I’m ready to go!  Plus the sewalong starts Monday so I should only be a wee bit behind.

So what are your current/upcoming projects?



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  1. Kerry / Jan 14 2012 2:41 pm

    I love your Selbu! Your friend must have been delighted. And I think your Minoru is going to be so lovely. I’m still wanting to make one, despite having plenty of other things lined up, it looks like such a practical jacket. Love the new hair too btw 🙂

  2. Liz / Jan 14 2012 5:24 pm

    Those are all fabulous – and I have added the short row sweater to my Ravelry queue 🙂

  3. meghanaf / Jan 14 2012 5:53 pm

    That short row sweater is amazing! I might have to try it out. (And I love your hair btw!)

  4. Sarah / Jan 14 2012 7:34 pm

    Wow, you have been busy! I love Trent’s new sweater – lovely – and the shawl is so pretty! It’s so light that it looks like Spanish moss to me 🙂

  5. mum / Jan 14 2012 9:01 pm

    Re: the jacket–I read that one of the pattern testers used slippery fabric to line the sleeves…I thought that was a great idea to make it easier to get in and out of it. Maybe not as warm though.

    Is that the dress we got in Cocoa Village? Looks great!

    Miss you guys!


  6. Crafted by Carly / Jan 15 2012 8:34 am

    I love the little top – very cute indeed! And I love the new haircut! 🙂
    You’ve been super-busy, Kristen!!!


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