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December 19, 2011 / KristenMakes

Cadence KAL: How do you wear yours?

How’s your finishing going?  I hope that everyone found that last post helpful, I got some really lovely feedback on it so thank you!  Additionally, if anyone wishes to have a higher-resolution jpg of any of those photo-tutorials, let me know & I’ll happily email you them!


As I mentioned before, I needed a cosy knitted dress in my hand-knitted wardrobe so Cadence by Jordana Paige, being top-down and thick gauge, was a really great opportunity to modify into a dress.  And I am so happy with it!  I have been wearing it for pretty much the whole week solid!  And so I wanted to do a wrap-up post in which I show how I plan to wear (or play-style) my lovely Cadence.  How have I been styling it, you ask?

First of all, winter in Edinburgh means very long dark nights, short days, cold, rainy, windy and snowy weather.  So when I’m indoors, I like to get cosy.   And Cadence IS cosy!  With thermal leggings and wooly socks this has been my couch ensemble:

Cosy Cadence with long-johns and socks

Also, Trent & I went out to the Christmas market recently (there have been reindeer and snowboarders on Princes Street!) and I wanted to wear Cadence, but a little more formally styled, so tights and ballet flats did the trick:

Cadence with tights and flats!

For a bit of fun, I thought to myself  ‘If I were a hipstreetstyleista, how would I dress Cadence?‘  Let’s see, top-knot hair-do, black ankle booties, lots of jewelry, lots of leg, and leather handbag fit the bill I think (but I probably should lose the smirk):

Street Style Cadence

But how would real, everyday Kristen actually wear Cadence?  Nothing fancy, just blue jeans and converse of course!


So how do you plan to wear your Cadence?!?


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  1. Lindsey H / Dec 19 2011 1:41 pm

    I really like how yours came out! Since I had to put my sweater on hold to make some Christmas presents, I think when I go back and fix the body I might be tempted to make it tunic length. 🙂

    And my plans for Cadence are to both dress it up for when I’m student teaching with dress pants or a skirt and tights and then to dress it down with jeans and boots.

  2. Becky / Dec 19 2011 7:50 pm

    I’m still working on the finishing myself– I have one sleeve mostly done and need to knit the other. And the bottom of the sweater. When I tried it on, it looks like this is going to still be pretty big on me (makes me wonder if I should have stuck with the smaller needle after all), so I think I might just run with it and knit it longer so I can wear it with my one pair of skinny jeans. I was just commenting that I need some longer winter stuff to wear with them anyway, since most of my longer tops are clearly geared more towards warm weather.

    Also, I’d love to have a bigger picture of that one about fixing the hole under the armpit!

  3. Crafted by Carly / Dec 22 2011 1:18 pm

    So many ways to wear one garment!!! They all look super-cute on you!!! And I love the colour!

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