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November 12, 2011 / KristenMakes

Bits & Bobs & Interviews

Hey folks!  You may have gathered that I haven’t had the time to do much blogging beyond are KAL posts, so this post is basically a catch-all to share a bunch of things.

Most excitingly, I’ve been interviewed TWICE recently!  Kerry from Kestrel Finds & Makes (whom I’ve met recently on a shopping trip in Glasgow) did an interview with me on her November Knit Week last week.  It was really exciting to get to talk about knitting and my knitting habits.  Also, Kerry did an interview with Tasha of the brilliant knitting blog, By Gum, By Golly, so I feel honoured to be in such good company!  Kerry requested a photo of us in our knitting habitats which was really fun, I love Tasha’s – it belongs on a book cover!

I still can’t really believe the next piece of news I’m about to share:  our local independent arts newspaper, The Skinny, published their November issue with an awesome article about yours truly!  It is really great!  The article is also available online if you fancy reading.

I  basically answered a few questions and provided a few images, from which they produced this really great article that actually got my name on the cover!  Can you find it?

Onto the bits and bobs, Autumn has hit and Edinburgh is looking lovely.  As a Floridian, I still get really excited about fall leaves, and this city (for a city) has plenty of them.

Additionally I thought I might share with you some of the fun finds I had on a recent charity shopping trawl Di & I had in Peebles.

I was tickled pink to see these adorable vintage patterns, which cost only what you chose to donate.  The wee boy on the right is clearly not comfortable in this photoshoot, playing nervously with his shorts and clearly holding back tears.  Trent also pointed out that the wee girl’s fringe/bangs are completely crooked, but all these aspects make for a truly darling image!  The photo for the adult V-neck jumper pattern is priceless as well, that couple couldn’t be more in love with themselves, each other, and their matching V-necks and glasses.  My favourite part of the finds is the mug!

It is one of the many commemorative mugs for the 1937 royal wedding for King George and his Queen Elizabeth, the current Elizabeth’s mum.  For those unfamiliar with the history of British royals, you may be more aware of this ruler as he was recently played by Colin Firth in The King’s Speech.  I love the mug, what fun.  It goes quite nicely with my cheeky Gemma Correll  tea towel for our more recent royal wedding.

Another bit or bob to share is that Kate Davies and Felicity Ford have begun created Wovember!  Wovember is about celebrating wool for its sustainability and loveliness and promoting it to give it the recognition it deserves.  If you read my yarn post for The Newbieand The Knitter KAL, you will have become aware of my strong bias towards wool so it may come as no surprise that I have signed the petition to promote wool too.  Its not very hard, when one of my jobs is working for fellow wool-lover Di Gilpin and as such I have the good fortune to knit with wool each day.  Check out Wovember and see what it’s about (if you are a wool-lover too, of course!).
wovemberLastly, I’m also pretty excited to let you know of a wee giveaway!  It’s kinda rushed and short notice and unfortunately is only available for those who live near Glasgow.  Anyway I’ve been doing some work for Showpony in Glasgow, who will be hosting a stand in the Country Living Magazine’s Christmas Fair in Scotland.  Emma from Showpony has generously provided two free tickets for me to give away!

They are good for entrance to the fair on Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, and Sunday 19th of November, and yes that is next week (please note, the tickets will not give Saturday access)!  To be entered in the giveaway please email me ASAP at

So that is my last bit and final bob, so I’m off to knit some Cadence!  But one more tooting of my own horn: this Thursday I will be graduating!  As of Thursday I will don my cap and gown, walk across a stage, and smile knowing that not only will my husband be watching in the audience but also my father, who is flying all the way from Florida to proudly attend!  So wish me luck!

I’ll be back soon with another Cadence KAL post – have  a lovely weekend!



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  1. mum / Nov 12 2011 1:20 pm

    You’ve got so much going on, Missy!!! Hard to keep up with you! Please know I will be there with your dad in spirit at your graduation and make sure he and Trent take lots of pictures! Now I’m the only family member without some kind of graduate degree! You guys make me proud! Happy knitting!!

  2. Sarah / Nov 12 2011 1:59 pm

    Wow! What a great post! I loved your interview on Kerry’s blog and am diving in to read your spot in The Skinny. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Whoopee!!! I shall be thinking of you on your big day and sending you loads of positive energy 🙂

    Love, love your coronation mug, too! Hee!

  3. Kerry / Nov 12 2011 2:18 pm

    Well done on your Skinny interview! Very exciting. Lovely charity shop finds too.

    Good luck with your graduation 🙂

  4. Crafted by Carly / Nov 13 2011 4:20 am

    Well, there’s a lot to congratulate you for here – so “CONGRATULATIONS, Kristen!!!” Have lots of fun on your graduation day!
    I love those vintage patterns, by the way. 😉

  5. Mom Orme / Nov 13 2011 7:02 pm

    Wow! So proud of you for all your accomplishments. I’m glad your dad will be there for your graduation (you’ll be in our thoughts and prayers, also).

  6. frayedattheedge / Nov 14 2011 3:44 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation, your interviews, your achievements!! Have a wonderful day on Thursday ….. do post lots of photos!!

  7. Tasha / Nov 14 2011 4:58 pm

    Aw you are so sweet, thanks! I was excited to be participating with you, too! I loved reading your interview. 🙂

  8. Rue / Nov 17 2011 12:41 am

    Congrats on the front page billing! It must have been such a thrill seeing you name in print like that.

    And have a blast tomorrow!

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