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September 28, 2011 / KristenMakes

my London Fashion Week

WOW.  I just had an amazing week in London.  To be honest, almost a week has past since I’ve been back but I’ve only just now recovered and caught up enough to post about it.

So to re-ap, I went to London accompanying Di Gilpin as her intern.  Her hand-knitted collection was amongst 3 other designers’ work for the Design Collective Scotland.  The four designers – Di Gilpin, knitwear;  Iona Crawford, womenswear; Marc Ross, womenswear; and Emily Lamb, shoes – brought their work to Somerset House where they had one entire room in the Fashion Week designer exhibition just devoted to them!  It was a really wonderful experience getting to help out the four designers; all were so kind, excited and also very appreciative of my help (which is quite rare in the lowly underworld of fashion internships).

the exhibit_3the exhibit_10the exhibit_26
the exhibit_27

The room’s location was perfect – just a few steps away from Estethica (the sustainable fashion exhibition room) we got a lot of footfall from there, and all were interested in Di’s hand-knitting that incorporated hand-dyers, local fibres, and Scottish knitters.  We met so many amazing people and her work garnered so much interest that she & I were on cloud nine for the entire week.  I met and had a lovely conversation with my sustainable fashion and knitwear hero and author Dr. Sandy Black (whose work I have quoted in my disseration and on this very blog) and she was lovely!  I also met Sass Brown, author of Eco Fashion, who was also amazingly kind.

The icing on the cake was nabbing passes to get backstage into the Mark Fast show!  I could not believe our luck.  Di and I probably had our mouths agape in wonder throughout the entire show.  Everything was stunningly beautiful, from the models to the garments to the teamwork/commeradery/respect that everyone had for each other.  I was amazed at how well-run the show went and how calm everyone, including the designer himself was!
Mark Fast_1IMG_8909Mark Fast_11

I did get a bit of free-time as well.  I spent 1 half-day tubing (underground, not inner-tube) all around London to get to a few must-see stops: Loop, of course; the V&A for the Power of Making exhibit; and a bit of wandering around for a gift for the husband at home.  Additionally I got an early evening off in which I walked across Waterloo Bridge accompanied by an amazing sunset, and stumbled upon a delicious food fair on Southback just under the London Eye.


The best part of my free-time was spent at WoolModern which was on all month until today in coordination with Wool Week earlier this month.  I saw up close knitted and woven wooly works by Mark Fast and Sonia Rykiel amongst so many other stunners; and my favourite piece actually did make a few tears well up, a hand-knitted piece by Julien Macdonald.

Wool Modern_3Wool Modern_4Wool Modern_7Wool Modern_2Wool Modern_5

The week in London wrapped up with an off-site fashion show for the Design Collective Scotland in Sanctum Hotel.  It was more of a mingling show, where the models sauntered out, posed for some photos, and sauntered around some more for a bit of chat about what they were wearing, and then sauntered back to change to the next outfit.  A lot of good sauntering, and some fabulous looks, poses and photos.

DCS Fashion Show_11DCS Fashion Show_7DCS Fashion Show_9
DCS Fashion Show_4DCS Fashion Show_2DCS Fashion Show_14

Oh, and there was a queue out the door to get in, not to mention a fabulous visitor, post-pop-artist Pandemonia came by for some drinks and chat and did a great wrap-up post on her blog about her night the Collective.

DCS Fashion Show_12
Being the crafter that I am, I made a point all week to wear at least 1 me-made item during London Fashion Week.  It was a difficult challenge, dressing ‘fashionable’ without necessarily knowing what that means, all the while trying to incorporate me-made items and forcing flat feet into higher heels.  I think I did OK, though.
What I Wore_LFW

And now I am back at home, unsuccessfully trying to establish a routine.  This weekend I will be going again with Di to Inverness for Ganseyfest, and next week back to London for a wee bit of the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally.  Does life ever calm down?  I guess I don’t want it to, as I’m loving every busy minute.



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  1. Crafted by Carly / Sep 28 2011 8:50 am

    Wow – what an exciting trip!!! AMAZING photos!!! x

  2. Becky / Sep 28 2011 8:56 am

    Sounds like an amazing trip! And I’m glad to hear about all of the behind-the-scenes camaraderie between the designers…. I’m used to stuff like Project Runway where they’re all catty, lol!

  3. Kerry / Sep 28 2011 9:13 am

    Wow! Looks really busy and exciting. I’m hoping to visit that V&A show when I’m in London in November. I love the V&A in any case, but the show sounds great.

  4. Stephanie / Sep 28 2011 9:18 am

    Looks like a blast! I think your outfits are all great! 🙂

  5. Rue / Sep 28 2011 12:31 pm

    What a fabulous week! It’s funny, the knitwear is stunning but what I keep coming back to are those black and fawn heels in the first shot. Not something I get to wear (or should wear!) when carrying a baby. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure I could walk in heels that high!

  6. Sarah / Sep 28 2011 1:29 pm

    How completely glorious!! What a marvellous time! The photos are beautiful 🙂 You look terrific, too!!

  7. rachel / Sep 28 2011 1:57 pm

    Thrilled to hear that your week went well – can’t wait to hear about it in person! Nice fashion choices too – did your green collar make an appearance?

  8. frayedattheedge / Sep 28 2011 2:04 pm

    What a fabulous trip (apart from having to wear high heels!!) One of our knit’n’natter group recently crocheted skirts for Christopher Kane – but you would need a major bank loan to buy one!!

  9. prttynpnk / Sep 28 2011 3:45 pm

    Oh wow- thanks for sharing all this- so fascinating! Great pictures and lots for me to google!

  10. Lizz @ A Good Wardrobe / Sep 29 2011 7:39 pm

    What a thrilling trip! Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

  11. KristenMakes / Sep 30 2011 10:05 am

    @frayedatthedge: Wow, that is so neat! I loved seeing crochet on the catwalk with Christopher Kane’s collection. You’re better off making one yourself than buying couture in this case!

  12. KristenMakes / Sep 30 2011 10:05 am

    @Rue: those are my favourite shoes from Emily Lamb’s collection too! Very high but very chic. I’m training my feet for heels but am far from ready for that height…

  13. Sølvi / Oct 2 2011 7:56 am

    How exciting! It seems to me that you´ve had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing your experiences and photos! 🙂

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