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July 20, 2011 / KristenMakes

A Collection of Pebbles

Casey, of the fabulous blog Casey’s Elegant Musings, had the stroke of genius to host a summer blog tour of bloggers’ collections, whatever  collection (G-rated, of course!) that may be.  I was nervous to submit my collection for the pool, as mine can be seen as somewhat boring.  They don’t look pretty, you can’t wear them, they don’t serve any use or purpose, but they give me immense satisfaction.  I’m talking about my collection of pebbles.




This collection began so organically, I didn’t even realise it… until I had a small pile of stones from different parts of the country. Trent & I had learned soon after moving to Scotland that it is very outdoors-friendly; lots of paths and walks that are easily navigable for even non-orienteerers.




We started to take day trips to places, and sometimes long weekend holidays (St. Andrews, Stirling, Stockholm, etc.). And on each of those trips we plan for a walk, either be it pre-routed or organically, through city streets or a quiet forest path. On my walks, my eyes are always scanning the ground for an interesting stone.


Other countries ... goal: must become world traveler and add to this portion of the collection.

When I find one, I pick it up and tend to hold it in my pocket, playing with it subconsciously.  I like to inspect it with my fingers more than my eyes, whether it is smooth or rough, misshapen or symmetrical.  By the end of our day trip or walk, if it is still interesting to me (and they always are!) I keep it, as a keepsake of our trip.  I really love taking an ordinary meaningless object and through my own actions, attribute meaning, value and memories to it.

IMG_1656  Fife Coastal Walkway

The Fife Coastal Walkway portion that is near St. Andrews was such a quiet stony beach.  While walking here, we came across golfers and I found plenty of smooth sea-glass.

62_Kyleakin Walk  Isle of Skye

The town of Kyleakin on Skye had a really nice and well-marked path, with this incredible view.

IMG_3141  Stockholm

To be honest, what I remember most about Stockholm is the fika (coffee and pastries!), and of course Trent’s first time wearing his newly-finished jumper.

The Monster, Glen Affric  IMG_5863  Glen Affric

When we had friends visiting, we stayed at a B&B near Inverness, where the owner recommended we visit Glen Affric.  That visit turned out to be the highlight of our trip, lovely walk and a monstrous rock!  I plan to get this big guy polished eventually.

IMG_6418  Stonehenge

No, I did not chip off a piece of the monolith!  I scoured the ground for a pebble (which took longer than you’d think!), and this is most likely just a piece of worthless gravel, but I will always remember it as a piece of Stonehenge.

IMG_6644 Norman Castle

The Norman Castle of Canterbury was made of three different kinds of stone, basically whatever the builders had around they used.  So there is flint (pictured) along with local stone and also rocks scavenged from Roma ruins.  I love to think of the people and activities that this piece of flint may have seen.

 When I look back at one of my collected treasures from our trip, I can’t help but imagine the structure or area or person that this pebble may have once belonged to, imagine the things it may have seen, and reflect on the lovely memories of our own experiences there.

I hope you enjoy my collection, and please forgive me if it’s a bit cheesy!  Thank you, Casey for giving me the chance to share my collection, and also to learn of other bloggers’ cherished collections.  Be sure to check out her round-up of everyone’s collections here!



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  1. Sue / Jul 20 2011 7:53 pm

    Even though I’ve seen you pebbles and stones, I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about each of them. And I feel so fortunate to have been in some of the places with you when you found them.

  2. Mum / Jul 20 2011 8:40 pm

    What sweet memories! I love that you’ve got these stories and memories linked to a wee bit of the UK!


  3. Sarah / Jul 21 2011 12:52 pm

    Oh, how I love your collection!!! My Miss Friday collects pebbles, too. We keep them in a glass jar where everyone can see them. Thank you so much for sharing!

    All of your photos make me miss Scotland so much. I haven’t been back in years and I miss it!

  4. indigorchid / Jul 21 2011 5:19 pm

    Oh, I don’t think your collection is cheesy at all! I love that it is a piece of nature you can carry (in several senses of the word) with you, and remember places by. The boy and I have been traveling with a(n admittably very large) pebble in the car, right in the front were we can see it. It’s a nice reminder – of all sorts of things.

    Thanks for sharing! And lovely presentation! And I hope I too get to see as much of Scotland one day – a very not-secret dream of mine, to go road-tripping/bike-touring/back-packing through the British Isles!

  5. KristenMakes / Jul 22 2011 4:42 am

    Aw, thanks! There is some clean and natural quality about pebbles that is just calming, isn’t there? I hope your dream comes true, there is so much to do/see here, especially outdoors.

  6. ambothan / Jul 22 2011 5:43 am

    I really enjoyed this post – I collect pebbles too! Sadly my collection isn’t as organised as yours; my own tend to bundle together in a pile. I remember where quite a few of them come from but there are other more ‘generic’ stones (always bits of gneiss or sandstone) which I still find beautiful but don’t remember where they’ve come from. I always seem to end up carrying one around in each of my jacket’s pockets too. I’ve made a more concerted effort recently to display them, having got a print-makers tray recently. Now just to remember what is from where!

  7. KristenMakes / Jul 22 2011 9:17 am

    @ambothan, I’m not the only one! I have also been wanting a print-makers tray. It really would be the best way to store and display the collection, wouldn’t it?

  8. ambothan / Jul 22 2011 9:31 am

    It’s quite nifty (and for other things, pebbles aside) though incredibly frustrating when the object just.won’ ! If you’re interested in buying one, the antiques shops on Dundas Street usually have some I think, though I’m not sure of prices (my own was a gift).

  9. a two-bit Jeremiah / Jul 22 2011 6:41 pm

    Oh, this is incredible. What a beautiful collection.

  10. Peggy / Jul 22 2011 7:19 pm

    how beautiful! I love that you have a little piece of all those lovely places. I have a stone that was tumbled along the landing beaches in Normandy, I thought I’d better pick one up since my grandfather was on those beaches on D-Day, it felt right. Sounds like your stones feel right to you too.

  11. Laurie / Jul 22 2011 8:36 pm

    This is great! I have a rock collection from different parts of the world. I *had* to take a geology class in college and I was so disappointed and prepared to be b-o-r-e-d. All the rocks around central Texas (I mistakenly thought) were boring whitish/cream limestone, some with holes in it. My class turned into a great adventure and for field trips we rockhounded throughout central Texas and I added granite, marble and one rock that only exists in central Texas…with purple in it! I even learned that the holes in the limestone tell a great story!

    From looking at your pebbles, I can tell each one tells a unique story. Is it igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary which explains how they formed. Some have irregular edges and some uniquely regular edges for a chemical reason. Colors tell the story fo the minerals that comprise the rock. I did consider sharing my rock collection. Perhaps on a future blog tour so you won’t feel alone! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  12. Renee / Jul 22 2011 11:28 pm

    What a wonderful collection you have. I had a friend who collected stones from everywhere she went. And her friends would send them to her. She was my granddaughter’s pen pal and one day we were walking in the driveway and she found a perfect stone for janis.

    What interesting places you have been. My daughter’s guy lived in Scotland for many years, the things he tells us about it make me want to visit there.

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