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April 8, 2011 / KristenMakes

MMMar’11 wrap-up

I must admit, I was happy to see March come to an end.  Me-Made-March was so fun and lively but sometimes its nice to just pull on jeans and a tee and not plan out your outfit, let alone having to take confounded pictures of yourself every morning!  I am so glad that I participated as it was really empowering to know that you are wearing items that are unique to you, and it was really uplifting and inspiring also to see what the others in the challenge came up with.  There is a lot of style in that MMMar’11 Flickr Group!

Here is a Round-Up of what I wore:

Well here are a few things I’ve learned from the month’s experiences:

1.  Forcing yourself to plan out and coordinate TWO items you have made or refashioned is HARD WORK!  There were a few dresses I’ve made that I would have worn but I had no other me-made piece to go with it.  An alternative is to pledge to wear ALL me-made pieces (such as our MMMar’11 host, Zoe the great!)  but that is a very difficult challenge that I am not yet prepared for!

2.  However, coordinating for 2 me-made items inevitably results in a fancy outfit that makes me feel good about myself.

3.  This is not news to me, but since Self-Stitched-September I have done little to fix this:  I need less me-made dresses, and more me-made separates and casuals!

4.  I don’t think I have the will-power to participate in Me-Made-May, but the next thing I would like to do (after a long break from wardrobe challenges) is what Kendi began and now Casey is doing: The 30 for 30 Remix, where you choose only 30 items to get you through a 30-month of outfits (including shoes, excluding accessories and jewelry).  I think that would be so fun!

5.  There is nothing like a wardrobe challenge that inspires requires you to prepare more me-mades/refashions for it!  here are the items this challenge inspired me to make:

Lakeside Socks 3

Knit - Lakeside Socks

Oatmeal Cardigan refashion

Refashion - Faux Lace Cardigan

Day 21_a

Refashion - Cigarette Pants


Refashion - High-waisted Mini-skirt

Day 1

Sewn - Wool shorts

Refashion - Buttony Necklace


Knit - Cable-braided Necklace

Well thanks for hanging in there with me and all the support and compliments, they really helped to know that I didn’t look like a complete fool! I’d really like to encourage you (if you haven’t already) to participate in a wardrobe challenge, it doesn’t have to be made public, it can be completely personal! Even if you don’t make things, you can wear handmade/refashions from others; vintage/thrifted items; or even resolve to only wear items you’ve owned for a year/+…

It is surprisingly liberating: when you give yourself fashion restrictions, you realize how little you actually need to shop and accumulate new items.

Right, that’s my soap-boxing done! Up next in the blog: More MACHINE-KNITTING updates! I will reveal my new brother’s name, how we are getting along, TWO projects I’ve completed with him, and loads of pictures!   I am sooooo pleased with the response of interest and support about this new foray and have resolved to share all the details of my new adventures!



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  1. Sølvi / Apr 8 2011 5:31 am

    I loved participating in MMMar´11 too, but I am glad I don´t have to take the daily pic too. That is the hardest part!

    I like your second point: “However, coordinating for 2 me-made items inevitably results in a fancy outfit that makes me feel good about myself”, I totally agree – I feel better about myself when I wear a thought- through outfit.

    All your outfits looks great, and you did a great job! 🙂

  2. Kerry / Apr 8 2011 5:37 am

    Well done on all your lovely outfits. I think I would find it a challenge to co-ordinate 2 items too, but you seemed to have a really good range of outfits so you should be proud of yourself.

  3. Mom Orme / Apr 8 2011 11:14 am

    Since you’re so good at all this, I’m going to challenge you on something for me. I have a beautiful slinky knit 3-piece outfit in a bright navy (you’ve probably seen me wear it). But…it’s so out of date. Way too good to just throw, or give, away. So I want to have it re-made, and I’ve found a local alterations lady who seems good(she actually works in a consignment shop. But…I have no idea what to do with it. I’m going to have Dad take pix and I’ll send them for some professional ideas.

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