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April 3, 2011 / KristenMakes

There’s a new brother in the family!


I believe this to be my reward for Me-Made-March!  That’s not really true, I’ve saved up for it and planned like a good girl.  It is used, and amazing, purchased from a friend in my knitting group.  I set it up today and at first, like any brother, it put up a fight.

But like a good sister, I took care of it and the brother began to like me.  Now we are the best of friends!

The manual comes with loads of stitch patterns/designs, I can do lace, fair isle, and intarsia apparently!  I just have to dive in for a week or so, and not re-emerge until I have mastered it!  But for now, I made a few samples just to make sure  I could cast on, knit, and bind off.

Once assured of that, I knit myself a laddered scarf!
It is blocking right now but I will definitely share more pictures when complete!   My big goal (apart from knitting an amazing MA project) is to knit a jumper, which now sounds so intimidating.    However, I am reminded of a time a few short years ago when I thought hand-knitting a basic jumper to custom-fit my husband would be impossible and I’ve proved myself wrong in that…  Wish me luck!



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  1. Mum / Apr 3 2011 6:39 pm

    Glad you are conquering that ‘brother!’ And I’m glad I didn’t have to go through another pregnancy for this brother! Looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Tasia / Apr 3 2011 7:29 pm

    Sweet! I’ve used a knitting machine once, they’re so fast! I bet you’ll be able to do amazing things with it based on all your hand-knitting skills. Have fun with your new machine!

  3. Mom / Apr 3 2011 7:55 pm

    I thought YOU were a knitting machine!

  4. Andi / Apr 3 2011 8:08 pm

    This is so cool! When I’m settled in somewhere slightly more permanent than student housing, I’d love to play with machine knitting.

  5. indigorchid / Apr 4 2011 9:46 am

    Haha, your mom/mum(s) are funny!

    Congrats on your knitting machine – it’ll be fun! I’ve never ventured beyond stockinette on the machine, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You’ll find your patternmaking skills come in handy – it’s strange that it’s a different way of thinking than handknit, even when they are basically the same technique!

  6. pendlestitches / Apr 4 2011 10:16 am

    Oh good luck with this. I shall be watching with great interest as I have a Brother in the cupboard and I’m terrified of it! I really should just bite the bullet so perhaps you’ll inspire me.

  7. Holly / Apr 4 2011 1:55 pm

    Oh my gosh this is SO EXCITING. I see these on Craigs List sometimes but am way too intimidated to go for it. Maybe now I will! Do you know of Annie Larson? Her machine knitting is so inspiring:

  8. Kerry / Apr 4 2011 3:22 pm

    Ooh exciting! Interested to see how you get on with your new machine. I have an ancient Singer Knitting Machine I bought off ebay for £10 (it’s circa 1960s and weighs a ton) but I’ve never used it as I don’t know how!

  9. Rue / Apr 5 2011 2:42 pm

    Nifty! I’m really curious how knitting on a machine compares with knitting with a set of needles in your hands. Does the speed of the machine make up for losing a bit of the, for lack of a better term, hands-on aspect of hand knitting? And how does shaping work? I’m assuming you can do shapes other than rectangles on a machine (but I could be completely wrong on this one). Can it make a nice sleeve cap?

  10. frayedattheedge / Apr 5 2011 2:49 pm

    Have fun – you have obviously got off to a very good start!

  11. Emma / Apr 6 2011 12:58 pm

    How exciting?! I want one….

  12. Teresa / Apr 6 2011 1:41 pm

    Yay for you! I’ve thought of buying one for a while…I’m sure watching you with yours will make me want one again.

    Do you know, Bonnemarie Burns of Chicknits? She has a machine that she uses in combination with hand-knitting. She calls if knit-fusion.

  13. Sølvi / Apr 7 2011 12:50 pm

    ooo, this is so cool! Congrats!


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