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March 16, 2011 / KristenMakes

Another Wednesday Installment

Let me share a secret with you:   I have a wee girly crush on…  Livia Firth.  Oh alright, throw that dashing husband hers, Colin, in there too…

That’s better…

Livia Firth is the next subject in my ‘Who’s Doing What * Wednesdays.’  What isn’t she doing for eco-fashion, this vixen?  Well, first off, she is co-founder for London-based sustainable boutique and website, Eco-Age.  Secondly, she writes a sustainable fashion blog for Vogue UK.  And what gets me most excited is her most recently completed Green Carpet Challenge:

Livia Firth's Blog

What she did this past red-carpet season was pledge to only wear sustainable gowns on the red carpet, and they were lovely.  The most recent (pictured above) was for the Oscars.  The gown she wore was upcycled by Gary Harvey from 11 vintage (vintage as in circa the time frame in which The King’s Speech took place) dresses.    Prior to that for the Golden Globes she wore:

…this lovely number by Prophetik.  Not only naturally-dyed from indigo, the fabric is peace or tussah silk, a type of vegan silk that (unlike regular silk) leaves the silkworm alive.  But my favourite that I’ve seen combines elements of the above two dresses (that is upcycling + wee beasty bugs!) – who can guess the connection? Answer below:

This dress for the Paris Premiere of The King’s Speech was upcycled from an old moth-eaten suit of Colin’s.  Pure Brilliance.  Restyled by London’s Junky Styling, this is in no way junky.  I love the silk lining-turned waist sash.

A few Quotables from the lady herself:

Never throw anything away. If you buy good-quality garments, they will last for a lifetime. – from Ecouterre

There are two main misconceptions about sustainability in the fashion world. The first is that you have to be an eco-warrior to be involved in sustainable fashion. And the second is that it is only for the rich. Actually, sustainable fashion can be simply buying less, buying better, not buying from those companies which mass produce at the expense of the earth or through sweatshops.       – From The Daily Beast


I definitely plan to keep up with her blog and hope to see more eco-glam…  and more of the eye-candy that is Team-Firth (don’t worry, the husband is well-aware of my double-crush)!


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