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March 14, 2011 / KristenMakes

Me-Made-March, week 2

A day late, but not a dollar short!  I’m still a successful participant of Me-Made March.  Plus I have good reason for not getting my week 2 post up in time: I’ve been slaving over my portfolio.  The end of the MA program is in sight (it’s far away, yet scarily close) so in thinking along those lines, I’ve been developing a portfolio that combines my undergrad work, my current work, and everything I’ve done in between.  I’m still new to Illustrator and Photoshop but I definitely used it a lot these past two days.  You can check it out if you like on my Portfolio page…  Anyway, again, on to the ensembles!

Day 7 – Monday
Day 7b

Day 7e

I had a date with some caustic devore paste so I made sure to dress ‘sloppy…’
Cardigan – Hand knit, ‘Aidez’ by Cirilia Rose
Tee Shirt – Refashion,  this tee is actually 3 old American Apparel tees that my husband doesn’t wear anymore. I cut them up and made them into a Pendrell blouse. I’m really happy with it!
Jeans – Gap

Day 8 – Tuesday
Day 8
I actually had a completely different outfit planned for today but when I saw Kate Davies’ post for the morning, I had to copy her pairing of a thick jumper with a gathered skirt!
Jumper – Refashion from an old Aran Jumper from a charity shop
Skirt – Self-drafted and a little wrinkly!

Day 9 – Wednesday
Day 9a
Jumper – Hand knit, ‘Frances Revisited’ by Beth Silverstein
Wool Shorts – Hand sewn, simplicity 3850

Day 10 – Thursday
Day 10
This is me in front of my studio space at uni… I’d spent the night at a friend’s so I was without my usual morning tripod photo-op.
Dress – hand sewn from a Vintage Vogue pattern (it’s reversible!)
Cardigan – hand knit, ‘Minimalist Cardigan,’ by Ruthie Nussbaum

Day 11 – Friday
Day 11a
Dress – hand sewn, from the Built by Wendy Dresses book by Wendy Mullin
Cardigan – hand knit, ‘Audrey in Unst’ by Gudrun Johnston
Booties – Clarks

Day 12 – Saturday
Day 12b
Jumper – hand knit, ‘Salina’ by Kim Hargreaves
Blouse – Gap
Jeans – Target (Boy I miss Target!!!)
Socks – hand knit for the husband but stolen for the day by me
…is this day a bit of a cheater with the socks being my second hand-made item? I feel guilty that they weren’t a substantial addition to the ensemble!

Day 13 – Sunday
Day 13_a
Jumper – hand knit, ‘Mary Jane’ pattern by Sarah Johnson
Skirt – refashion; from plain, long, and low-waisted to nipping in to make a high-waist, adding buttons, and shortening the hem (see images below!)


Before (almost forgot to take the shot, as evidenced by the slash in the hem!)


And After!

So that’s a wrap-up for week 2!  Check out the Flickr group for Me-Made March 2011, it is amazing to see all the lovely things people are making and wearing.  Such creativity out there to inspire…



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  1. Sarah / Mar 14 2011 3:54 pm

    Fabulous outfits!! You are very creative and have a great sense of style. Love the Pendrell blouse and the Frances jumper.

  2. Sue Orme / Mar 14 2011 5:36 pm

    I especially like Day 10; the outfit and seeing your studio space. You look so professional!
    Mom o

  3. Fourth Daughter / Mar 14 2011 7:47 pm

    Wow, you are doing so well, I can’t believe all your knitted amazingness! I especially like the cardigan in day 7 and the top from day 13, I’m always hunting in op shops for cardigans like that!

  4. Mom / Mar 14 2011 8:16 pm

    Totally agree with Sue… Love the Portfolio, too!

  5. Andi Satterlund / Mar 15 2011 9:39 am

    Your portfolio looks great!


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