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March 9, 2011 / KristenMakes

It’s Only Wednesday?

Yes,  I am glad to do another installment of Who’s Doing What Wednesday, but man, this week has dragged and it’s only halfway over!  I’m not used to the pace that comes with this level of investigation and experimentation that one performs at the MA level.  I can spend a week testing out a certain idea or process and it very well may lead to nothing, feeling like that’s a week wasted.  I know that isn’t true but I like instant results!  It’s very odd in that my path reveals itself I you go, rather than being able to see a clear-cut line from beginning to endpoint.  I don’t even know what my end-product will be but apparently that’s OK at this level and point in time.

Anyway for this week I wanted to focus on yesterday being the 100th International Women’s Day (which also happened to be Pancake Day!). Some amazing folks over at Garter Stitch 100 organized a campaign that enlisted knitters all over to contribute their time and yarn to knitting 6″ squares to make a massive blanket for display and auction in Glasgow.  100 million stitches to represent 100 million women.  Each stitch will represent a woman missing: discriminated to death or vanished from the global population.


According to their siteIt is estimated that 100 million women are missing from the world today for reasons of gender discrimination. These reasons include: gender provoked infanticide and abortion, the sex slave industry, and the channelling of reasources and medical care to the men in communities first (eg vaccinations). They include the consequences of poor education, and preventable complications in child birth, and conditions like fistula.

I’m not generally feministic, but perhaps that is because I am blessed to be from America, and now also living in the UK – both countries where so much equality has been fought for and achieved, but that doesn’t mean that gender abuse doesn’t happen.

Well International Women’s Day was like I said, yesterday and from what it looks like, it was a success!  Kerry from Kestrel Finds and Makes helped out with the sewing up of the blanket and then shared a post on how the whole thing went down.  Thanks for sharing your experiences, Kerry!

w1.JPG (1600×900)

There were musical and theatrical performances, art installations, children’s events, workshops – a total of 100 events and 100 million stitches.  I’m sad I had to miss it (busy week spending each day at uni, boo!) but it sounds like a massive undertaking that paid off well.

And thus ends our second installment of Who’s Doing What!  I’ve got a wee list going but I’d love anyone’s input if you think someone out there is doing something special that could be shared; email me your thoughts at  Ok, blog post done, back to schoolwork, grr!



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  1. Kerry / Mar 10 2011 5:55 am

    Hi Kristen – Thanks for mentioning my blog! It’s a shame you couldn’t have been involved in the day but sounds like you’ve been really busy with your MA. I did an MA a couple of years ago (in a different subject) and it was an incredible amount of work, so I sympathise. Am sure you’re creating some amazing things though 🙂

  2. frayedattheedge / Mar 15 2011 12:50 pm

    I think I liked each outfit better than the last. I seem to have been living in trousers for weeks – it’s time to get the skirts and dresses out again! Note I said trousers – I don’t possess a pair of jeans and haven’t for years – I just don’t find them comfortable!

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