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February 9, 2011 / KristenMakes

Stylish? Pishawww…

Kerry of Kestrel Finds and Makes has awarded me a Stylish Blogger award, how kind!

In keeping with the rules I will share a few Blogs I find stylish and inspiring and share a few things about myself.  The guidelines state to share seven each, but in the interest of time I’ll share five.

About me…


Our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming this week.  T got his present a wee bit early.  I made him this:



It is a reversible pillow cover with a duck and a goat (NOT a goose and a scotty dog!).  I had some vintage buttons from a gift from my sister in law, Amanda and some corduroy from John Lewis. Of course the pillow is filled with… duck feathers!   The knitted part I made on one of the industrial Shima knitting machines at school; it’s double-sided jacquard knit.  I LOVE machine knitting!  The reasoning for the barnyarnd animals is interesting fact no. 2.


If we were to liken ourselves to animals, T is a goat and I a duck.  So there you have duck and goat on pillow.


At university I am focusing my studies on sustainability in fashion, specifically in knitwear.  I am investigating reversible knitted garments and how they can allow for versatility in wear and therefore require the consumer to own/purchase less garments.  Fast fashion is not a sustainable structure and although years ago I would have been thrilled to pay $4 for a Forever 21 shirt even if it meant falling apart after 1 wear, I shudder to think what has happened to the mountains of clothes I have dumped in that lifestyle.  Making my own garments has helped me to understand that I can get by with less and with a bit of creativity have a more stylish and unique wardrobe for it.


I am upping my own ante for Me-Made March participation.

My experience with Self-Stitched September was great in that it helped me on the above-mentioned path in the realisation of excess in wardrobe, but it was almost too easy.  I have a lot of me-made garments (yes, while they are many, I wear them often and have had many of them for years, so I think that is ok?).  So then, I wore at least 1 me-made garment per day, and this time round for Me-Made-March, I’ll be aiming for TWO!  I don’t expect to be successful every day, but it’s a challenge that I shall hopefully rise to.


I am working on a new knitting pattern that is taking me forever.  It is to coincide with my uni work so it is, indeed, reversible.  Part of the difficulty of making a reversible garment that is also seamless is the wee details.  Every increase and decrease has to look (for me at least) perfectly mirrored and the same on either side of the fabric — quite a feat!  So there is a lot of trial and error and a Loh-Hot of ripping out and restarting.  But I know in the end it will be worth it!

About others:

1.  Susannah of Cargo Cult Craft.  This fine lady  just completed an ENTIRE year following the WWII clothing ration standards, a project she called ‘Fashion on the Ration.’ It is so inspiring.

2. Ali of The Wardrobe, Reimagined.  Not only is she taking on the torch from Susannah for a year of Fashion on the Ration, and the host/creator of the Summer Essentials Sewalong – this amazing gal is making an LBD (the little black dress from The Uniform Project)!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and am sooooo tempted to get the pattern myself!

3.  Anne-Lise of Ma Chemisse d’Homme.  This lady makes KILLER men’s shirt makeovers that put my own feeble attempts to shame.  Even better, she SELLS them to you!

What a killer project from 2 men's shirts!

4. Angie, of Sew I Thought.  This gal can sew, thrift, and restyle like NOH-body’s business.

What a fab restyled dress!

5.  Tasha of By gum, by golly.  This Chicago-based knit/sew-er is self-proclaimed ‘vintage-obsessed’ and to prove it she is hosting a knitalong that REEAAALLLLLY makes me want to quit all things and join.  She is making this fab vintage Briar Rose sweater.  I wannnnnt…..

Well those are some of the many other stylish blogs I find inspiration from (or just plain covet!).  Thanks again Kerry!  Now I am off to uni tomorrow bright and early and then later on I’ll we’ll be celebrating  years’ wedded bliss with some yummy Chinese Dumplings




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  1. Mom / Feb 9 2011 9:53 pm

    Another great blog. Love the pillow. (Duck and Goat?)
    Wow, 5 years!

  2. Kerry / Feb 10 2011 8:54 am

    I love your cushion, what a great, personal idea. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Ali / Feb 12 2011 12:55 am

    Thanks! I love the idea of reversible knit garments and owning less, please keep us posted. And I was wondering how I was going up the ante with Me Made March and I’m stealing your version — 2 a day! 🙂

  4. Angie / Feb 13 2011 7:34 pm

    Thanks so you much for your sweet mention!

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