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October 11, 2010 / KristenMakes

SSS Withdrawal!

Ok, so I do NOT miss having to take pictures of myself every freaking morning, but I DO miss having a goal, something that I was working towards!

Thanks EVERYONE for your lovely comments and support on my SSS Round-up.  The idea of fast and wasteful fashion is so intriguing to me, and not without its difficulties.  Jo has drawn up a list of what she needs in her wardrobe which is a great idea to keep track of what you do and don’t need.  Jane compared the situation to the food industry which is a great point – I’ve actually began reading up on the idea of Slow Fashion, which was inspired by the Slow Food movement, a key step in being more aware of what you are putting in (and now ON) your body.  For more info on Slow Fashion see here and here.  Fellow SSS-ers Sølvi and Roobeedoo are also making their own pledges and tracking their wardrobe purchases! And  Anne brought up the great point that (I’m quoting her because she said it best:) “what seems like sweatshop labour and exploitation to us, is a chance for these (mainly) women to earn what is, for them, a reasonable wage.”

The trick seems to be that the problem isn’t one fixable thing…  the whole system is broken.  The problem isn’t just sweatshops; its also the large western clothing companies that are making unachievable demands on the poor, tiny factories that if they can’t meet them, the work and pay will be taken to a factory who can; its also the western consumers (us!) who demand fast and cheap clothing that drives the large companies in the first place.  OK, so maybe there is a LOT more to it than that, as there always is, but that seems to be a bit of the rundown as I (perhaps erroniously) see it.  Perhaps (and this is the completely idealistic notion, but perhaps it is the hope in idealism that drives true change) if WE start by spreading awareness and demanding more fair-trade clothing, the notion will trickle up to the companies who (to look better and provide for their consumers) will pursue fairer standards and treatment from the factories that make their product.  It is possible, I think.  Over here in the UK, M&S is doing a lot to include more fair trade clothing, and to create awareness amongst their customers.  More and more smaller businesses are popping up with a fairer standard business practice.  I’m starting to watch stores like Alternative Apparel and People Tree but haven’t gotten any items from them yet.  Any companies you’re watching or would recommend?  I think research and company transparency is key, but its a very tricky situation to know exactly what is going on behind the label.

And yet it is so hard NOT to buy a cheap tee shirt or a cute new top impulsively!  I’m a work in progress for sure.

Ok, on to lighter things —  FALL is here!   And unlike the last few falls/winters I’ve had, I will not be working crazy hours at work!  To celebrate the fact that I will be able to savour this holiday season, Trent & I combed through Ravelry to see what fall knitting/crochet patterns we could decorate our flat with.  Enter an array of acorns, pinecones and pumpkins!


I have a few more pumpkins I want to make and I might make a few fall leaves too, but I’m pretty happy with this weekend’s efforts!

Also I’ve been needing to bring my laptop in to uni a lot lately but didn’t feel safe putting in my backpack until it was safely covered.  I had a vintage sewing pattern and some already quilted fabric and with those I made…  my envelope laptop clutch!



I’m pretty chuffed with it!  It’s got some really stiff interfacing in it so it’s pretty sturdy. Now as far as travel knitting goes, I’ve found the perfect project – socks! Having finished a pair for myself Trent decided he wanted some too!  So after a few weeks of bus knitting, voila!

The pattern is the toe-up sock pattern generator again, and the yarn is lovely Fyberspates sock yarn! Now they may look a bit ruddy but that is because the socks had barely finished blocking last night before they were on his feet! He couldn’t wait for some photos but that only means he loves them!  Last week I went to the Morningside Makers Market where I met Natalie of The Yarn Yard whose amazing yarn I couldn’t resist!  I got a skein of her plant-dyed toddy, which you can imagine will be made into socks soon!

Well that’s my knitting/sewing work all caught up!  I’ve got a few more projects up my sleeve, but I’ll save them for later!



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  1. Jodi / Oct 12 2010 2:27 pm

    I love those little autumnal handknits! How cute!

  2. jane / Oct 14 2010 4:57 pm

    Great post -you’re definitely right that the whole system is broken, we’ve pretty much built our society around exploitation really. As for shops – Ascension is a good website which claims to be ethical and environmentally friendly – they stock People tree and Annie Greenabelle and quite a few other brands which are a bit less familiar to me (i.e. aren’t stocked in the big Topshop down here – !). I think Howies also have a good ethical stance although a lot of their stuff isn’t exactly what I tend to wear on a day to day basis. I’ve bought from People Tree in the past and the quality is good – the organic cotton really feels a lot nicer than normal cotton does I reckon.

    You’ve been so productive – the laptop sleeve is great and I love that sock calculator thingy!

  3. KristenMakes / Oct 19 2010 3:53 am

    OOOH! Ascension is my new favourite online shopping site now, thanks to you! Yay!

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