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September 13, 2010 / KristenMakes

Bits & Bobs

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments on the “10 Things about Me” post!  Esp. those from my wonderful family!  Sometimes it is difficult to share things about yourself so thank you for the support!  So today, I have a random assortment of things to share, which is why this post is titled so.  Let’s start of with some SSS updates, shall we?

Day 12: Today was a lovely Sunday!  We went out for coffee/pastry, a favorite past-time of ours.  Today it was Wellington Coffee for our stop.  Afterwards we went on to the National Gallery of Scotland for the Christen Kobke exhibit.  Then we went home to relax, upon which I promptly stopped relaxing and started sewing.  I’ve decided on the Macaron, so let’s hope it goes well!


Skirt: Self Stitched!  I made this back in my pre-blogging days from an old bedsheet from a thrift shop!  You can’t see the back too well but there is a brown layer below the printed layer, and the printed layer opens in the back like an apron.

Jumper: H&M

Day 13: Today we toured the printing studio at uni and gosh, there is so much to learn!

Day_13_aDay 13_cDay 13_b

Dress: Self Stitched!  Also a pre-blogging creation of years gone by, this dress was made from a vintage pattern that I borrowed from a friend.  The dress is completely reversible!  The back wraps around the front and ties.  Its been through a lot though and is the worse for wear, but it still looks pretty good!

Cardigan: Self Stitched!  Audrey in Unst again!  Its very versatile!

Ok, having updated you on SSS, on to other things.  First off I found this lovely ottoman from poppytalk.  The ottoman is designed by Thomas Eyck and I would sooooo love one, as it would be constant reminder and inspiration to GET KNITTING but alas, it is sliiiiightly out of my price range.

Also… my mom found a great project, another Men’s Shirt Makeover that I thought I’d share along with you!  Its by Bernina’s site The Sewing Republic and the dress is extremely cute!  You can get the pdf for the pattern here!

And to continue, I just finished a project that I had mentioned previously, my cozy socks!

The pattern is from the Toe-Up Sock Pattern Generator which is free and I highly recommend. I’ve already started on another pair for Teo.
The wool is a discontinued colorway by Opal which is a brand that is available almost everywhere. Its already held up to one washing and is even softer and fuzzier!

And lastly, remember the Shetland frock?
Shetland Frock_5

I’ve submitted it into a contest held by Ragamuffin, the great shop where I bought (and continue to buy!) the wool fabric from! The contest was requesting photos of any project you have made using their fabric. They put up all the photos of the contest on their blog, Ragamuffin Loves…, so pop over and check them out! There is some really great work submitted, and since all sales of their fabric go to charity, the were able to raise quite a hefty sum! Through it I also met Nicola of Craft Reactor which is a new, Edinburgh-based crafting collective. They are holding a crafting night this week at the Tea Tree Tea Room, and I hope to be able to go!

Well that’s the last bit and final bob, I hope you are having a fab week!



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  1. Mom / Sep 13 2010 5:58 pm

    Love that you finally have a window seat!!! Precious DD!!!

  2. frayedattheedge / Sep 14 2010 2:30 pm

    I obviously wasn’t paying full attention, as at first I thought it was a big ball of wool – then I clicked on the link and looked at the price!! After a quick whiff of smelling salts to recover, I realised it wasn’t the most expensive ball of wool in the world. I’m sure with a bit of thought you could prodauce your own version – but you would need an awfully big winder!!


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