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July 18, 2010 / KristenMakes

I love my Mornings.

I wake up early, not too early, but before the husband every morning.  I check GoogleReader for all the blogs I follow (133 blogs followed as of today), I get my breakfast, and settle in with some knitting and audiobooks.  I went through the entire Harry Potter series, read by the amazing Steven Fry.  Then I went through the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, the last of which was read by Sir Patrick Stewart!  I’d like to start The Lord of the Rings soon, but we don’t own it, yet…  I only like to listen to audiobooks of books I’ve previously read or else it doesn’t feel right.  I don’t know why.

Quiet Mornings

This morning I listened to a Craftsanity podcast and enjoyed a homemade brownie for breakfast (my usual breakfast is yogurt with muesli, but Trent made brownies last night & I couldn’t resist one this morning!), while knitting my Goodale.  Do you recognize the yarn?  I’ve found a project for my onion-dyed yarn!  I’m alternating skeins since I’ve got a darker batch and a lighter one, so it’s looking striped but I think it works.

The plan for later on is late breakfast at Peter’s Yard, and French film Bluebeard at the Cameo Theatre.  But for now, I’m quite happy knitting!

I hope you find joy in some quiet routine of yours, whatever time of day it may be.



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  1. jane / Jul 18 2010 6:22 am

    What a wonderful morning – I love getting up early too, best bit of the day!
    Your morning sounds wonderful – i am pondering a move to Edinburgh after I graduate and those two places both look like potential new favourite hangouts -lovely! Happy knitting.

  2. Mom / Jul 18 2010 10:20 am

    Awwww….I can just picture you doing all that! Did you finish the Shilasdair project? We did listen to Lord of the Rings on cassette on one of our long car trips, a million years ago… I don’t even remember it. The brownies look yummy…are you using Trent’s mug? Hmmm…

  3. Sue Orme / Jul 18 2010 8:29 pm

    Nice. Just one question: does the yarn smell like onions?

  4. Emma / Jul 19 2010 4:51 am

    Yes! Thats my weekend mornings too. I’ve just finished the Happy Potter books (I am of the firm opinion that Stephen Fry should voice all public announcements and political broadcasts in the UK. I’d be far more inclined to listen and believe them!) I’ve now moved on to the Northern Lights Series. Highly recommended. Hurry on Sunday

  5. KristenMakes / Jul 19 2010 7:08 am

    I completely agree with you on the Steven Fry thing! He’s so agreeable. I’ve read 2.5 of the 3 Northern Lights books. I loved the first one, liked the second, and somehow lost interest in the third! Not sure why though. The first one was absolutely captivating!

  6. KristenMakes / Jul 19 2010 7:08 am

    Ha! No, it only smells like delicious wool!

  7. KristenMakes / Jul 19 2010 7:10 am

    I finished the Shilasdair shawl – click here to see it! I don’t remember listening to LOTR in the car! How cool! Yes, that is T’s mug, my new fave.

  8. KristenMakes / Jul 19 2010 7:12 am

    You should move! Edinburgh is my favorite city! and both Peter’s Yard and the Cameo Theatre received my strong approval. Almond Tea at Peter’s Yard! I will always be ordering that there now.

  9. Mom / Jul 19 2010 8:39 am

    The Shilasdair yarn project came out beautifully! Lots of depth and texture! Yummy! And give Trent his mug back!

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