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July 17, 2010 / KristenMakes

A new Tutorial!

crochet border shawl_5

Hello folks!  Well what a busy week, I’ve finished a bunch of projects and it’s been a pretty busy week in the shop too!  I’ve found the time though, to write up my new tutorial for you!  No, not a Men’s Shirt Makeover yet.  Haven’t had the time, but I am brimming with ideas for the next one!

At K1 Yarns, we’ve gotten in some BEAUTIFUL hand printed fabric, 100% cotton, straight from India.  The fabric is now available for sale and knowing I had no time to squeeze in another sewing project yet, I would definitely have to think of something.  I cut some of the fabric and picked a teensy crochet hook and crocheted a lovely edging with some of our Artesano Alpaca 4-ply.

crochet border shawl_1

It’s a great technique to use on hems of skirts, or bed linens, napkins and tablecloths, and of course, scarves and shawls!

crochet border shawl_3

crochet border shawl_2

crochet border shawl_7

Its a pretty easy (however time-consuming) projects so I figured I’d jot up the tutorial and offer it for free!  Enjoy the tutorial, and if you are in town, come check out the lovely fabric in person!  In the meantime, you can peruse our selection online!




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  1. Sue Orme / Jul 17 2010 11:24 am

    My mother used to do this with linens, mostly pillow cases. But she always used a thick crochet thread. Brings back memories.

    I love the table setting; is the little tea pot the one we gave you for your birthday? (Since Trent picked it out, I’ve not seen it) Can I have a brownie?
    Mom O

  2. Andi / Jul 17 2010 2:46 pm

    I love the crochet edging. It beats store bought trim any day.

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