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July 13, 2010 / KristenMakes

New Dress!

This past May when I was staying at my mom’s I (as I do every visit) raided my old bedroom which is now a sewing room.  Why couldn’t it have been a sewing room when I lived there!  I don’t need a bed, just a sewing machine!  Anyway I found (and pocketed!) some great fabric that is a lace print on cotton.  I thought immediately of a lace bib dress a la Very Purple Person.

The result…


The sleeves provided some difficulty, mainly because I am such a corner-cutter that I made it harder on myself in the end by trying to stuff bunches of sleeve gathers into a tiny, home-made bias binding tape.  But it worked out in the end!

IMG_2163 IMG_2161

I’m pretty happy with it, although it is a bit short.  I patterned it short so as to incorporate a gathered ruffle of the lace print underneath but once added, the ruffle proved too busy.  I ripped it out then, and will just keep it short.  Oh yes, I am now a leggings convert.  Once vehemently opposed to them (what was their purpose?!?) I have change my attitude.  When you wear footed tights to walk 2 miles to work and back, the feet get a little smelly and the tights tend to tear after 2 outings…  So cut off the feet!  Of course, I’m still of the opinion that they should only be worn UNDER things (skirts and dresses) because I do not want to see the specifics of ladies’ everythings, if you know what I mean.



My style is slowly branching out to not only incorporate leggings but also (see above) brogues.  Can I pull it off?

Anyway, finally after a busy June I am back on track towards Self-Stitched September and Summer Essentials Sew-Along pledges.



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  1. Lisa / Jul 13 2010 10:50 am

    That is awesome! I really like the sleeves.

    I recently explained to my boyfriend what camel-toe is, and why leggings are not substitutes for
    pants…. But under dresses, they’re great!

  2. Sue Orme / Jul 13 2010 10:51 am

    So cute! If you get tired of creating, you could become a model! And you’re one of only a few people who can pull off wearing leggings. They look great; mostly, I don’t like them (especially when not-thin people wear them).
    Another great job.
    Mom Orme

  3. jane / Jul 13 2010 4:20 pm

    I”m branching into leggings under dresses too. You can more than pull it off, you look lovely, and the dress is great! So inspired by your design and creativity!

    But yes. You are right. Leggings are not trousers. Take note, world, take note.

  4. Ali / Jul 21 2010 6:07 pm

    Lovely! I totally go ga-ga over all of very purple person’s dresses, especially the bib ones. Yours turned out fabulously. I assume this is self-drafted pattern? Double-coolness. Pockets, too!

    I’m not sure I can pull off leggings yet (though I keep trying) but I love brogues! I wear mine when the weather’s cooler with an ankle length pant.

  5. laura / Oct 20 2010 7:51 am

    Amazing dress, wish i had the talent to make one!


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