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June 23, 2010 / KristenMakes

Why it’s been so quiet…

KristenMakes isn’t living up to her many summer sewing pledges…  The first week of June got off to a great start…

I started week 2 off with some great projects but got frustrated and foiled by this:
Needle fail No. 1
and then this:
Needle fail No. 2
…all on the same simple top-stitching seam.    Picture no. 1 is a bent needle.  I replaced bent needle and not 2 stitches later occurred picture no. 2 – a needle broken into THREE pieces!  I hastily and frustratedly finished the garment and as a result am not happy with it – will post when I find the time to refashion it into something flattering!

After that fiasco I started cutting for a dress from some lovely lace print – its not lace but the print is lace! I am currently experiencing some trouble with the sleeves though. Trying to stuff bunches of gathers into a 1/4″ worth of bias binding is not a good idea. I will post pictures when I have successfully overcome that hurdle and my shame.

In the midst of trying to surpass my recent frustrations, the Baby Riley blanket orders started pouring in – 10 in just one week, and counting!  So babies are being had all over Scotland and as a result, yes I am sewing, but no, not for myself!

Baby Riley_2

Baby Riley_1

I had to share my lovely sewing nook (aka the dinner table) and the fruits of my recent labor… Of course I had to spread the “Ollie” blanket to show my family who lovingly remembers our grandmother, the amazing and one-of-a-kind Edith Oliver!  In this position I come across some really fun and unique names: Lotte, Munro, Calum, Murdo, Poppy, Eilidh, Tillie, and of course, Hamish!

So, I’m very happy to be sewing of course!   However soon as the recent string of births recede I’ll be happy to take a breather from the baby blankets and get to wardrobe sewing once again!

By the way, if you like the blankets (who wouldn’t!?!?) you can find more information about them at Eero and Riley’s website – you can order them off that site if you like, and the customizable baby blanket will be made by yours truly!


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  1. Mom / Jun 23 2010 11:23 am

    It’s fun to see how you are dotting your i’s!

    I know how frustrating those needle issues can be! Argh!

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