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June 2, 2010 / KristenMakes

Make It, Wear It June & Self-Stitched September

“Why buy it when we can make it?”

-Alton Brown

Right, so maybe AB was talking about putting Kosher salt into the food processor to make finer granules of salt to season his home-made popcorn, but the statement rang home to me…  All over the internet are some amazing blogs  involving sustainable living and less spending – sewing your own clothes, growing your own food, and making your own furniture – and gosh darnnit they’re onto something!  However at this time I have no farm to grow things and no garage for tools but I’ve got my Singer!  And I’m ready to commit.

Now I’ve been super busy with working at K1 Yarns, designing knitting patterns, and making baby blankets but today I am committing myself to a more handmade wardrobe.  And you can hold me accountable.


For June I am going to enter the Make It, Wear It! challenge sponsored by Sew, Mama, Sew.  This is the less difficult challenge, as all I need to do is make things and post them in their Flickr Pool for the chance to win prizes!  Now, I haven’t made anything this month.  Yet.  Unfortunately, the making of this dress occurred on May 31st…  But I will get making and wearing shortly!  I will use June as a chance to gear up for…


I, Kristen Orme of KristenMakes, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear  at least 1 handmade or refashioned item of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010.

There.  I’ve pledged.  I am a member of Self-Stitched September!  Zoe of Colette Patterns has successfully completed Me-Made May and is introducing Self-Stitched September.  In May she wore ONLY me-made clothes and documented each day’s outfit on her personal blog, “So, Zo…” What an accomplishment!  I am so impressed and inspired.  I wish I could make a commitment like that but I will take baby steps to a handmade wardrobe.  Starting with at least 1 item a day.  I’ve made many dresses, I have a few skirts, and I’ve even successfully made a pair of underwear from an old T-shirt (so comfy!).  Where I am lacking: blouses, trousers, and a jacket.  Can I make all this by September?  That is the actual challenge.  I am counting on BurdaStyle for some pattern help.  And hey, if you’ve got any tried and true patterns you love, please share!


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  1. brad and amanda / Jun 2 2010 2:32 pm

    brilliant! i can’t wait to see & read about this adventure!

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