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April 6, 2010 / KristenMakes

New wool Purchases!

Yesterday, Trent and I made our first visit to New Lanark, mainly to buy some wool, but also to visit the mill and learn about its history. I’ve written a full account of our day on our other blog, Daily Scotch. The knitters may be only interested in my wool purchases so here you go!

Here is every thing we got:

This sandstone DK wool will be for a sweater for Trenty:

And these 2 I’m thinking scarves: one for me out of the light grey, and one for Trent out of the dark grey:
IMG_0752 IMG_0754

I was so excited about it that soon as we got home I started winding the light grey on my yarn ball winder, and swatching out for Trent’s sweater.  I’ve already got my sights set on this lovely Ochre DK for a sweater for me next.

The wool is so lovely and wonderfully cheap, I recommend it to anyone!  I’m so excited to get knitting…



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  1. brad and amanda / Apr 7 2010 2:51 am

    i love those greys! i can’t wait to see the finished products!

  2. Holly / Apr 13 2010 7:46 am

    oh no. now that i’ve been to their online shop i might have to purchase. it’s gorgeous! it’s only the stash that prevents me…

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