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September 24, 2009 / KristenMakes

…Cabled Bath Mat


Well we are pretty much all settled into our cozy little Edinburgh flat.  It just needs a few personal touches.  It was fully furnished, even with bedding so there wasn’t much that we needed to do, just a few little things to make this place feel like “ours.”  I am usually all about sewing up some big cushy pillows, but for the time being am lacking 2 things: (1) a sewing machine, (2) any vague idea of where to get supplies here in the city, most importantly, batting.  So the pillows will have to wait.  In the meantime, we found ourselves not too enthusiastic about stepping out of the shower onto gross, still wet towels.  Not too happy with the selection of bath mats at the local TK Maxx (you may be familiar with TJ Maxx back in the states, well here it is TKMaxx), I decided to knit one.  I had found a great pattern on Ravelry that called for fabric in lieu of yarn.  The fabric strips make the  bath mat nice and cushy, as well as absorbent, and of course durable!  The pattern is from CocoKnits

Well I didn’t have any fabric, and as excited as I am about fabric being available from the department stores here in our mall, I am also without money.  So I improvised.  We found ourselves with 4 queen-sized fitted sheets (between what was provided here at the flat and what we shipped over), when we really only needed three.  I chose a nice red fitted sheet that we had purchased from Target about 3 years ago, so it was ready for a new life.  Following the tutorial that the pattern provided, I set about preparing the sheet.  First I cut the elastic edge and then ripped the corner seams that give it depth.  Left with a flat sheet that was sort of shaped like a ” # ” (for lack of better symbols) I cut of the sides and started making strips from there.  Eventually the whole living room was covered with red thread and red strips.  Trent was very patient.  I connected the strips and the rolled them into a “yarn” ball the size of my cat (boy wouldn’t he have been in heaven!) and proceeded to knit.

 CIMG9861 CIMG9864

It took about 3 attempts before I found the right gauge and size that I liked.  I cast on 60 instead of  26 so that it was knitted from the wide end rather than the narrower end.  This made the cable run up and down rather than from side to side, an effect I am very pleased with.  I also knitted the cable off-center because that’s always fun.  I opted out on the fringed ends because I’m just not a fringe girl.  I think it turned out pretty neat!  The pictures are taken with the bath mat situated in the kitchen because the lighting is much better, but really its new home is the bathroom.

CIMG9923      CIMG9919

CIMG9928 CIMG9925

Plus, it must be said that this is one of the most enjoyable things that your feet may touch!



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  1. Mom/Marilyn / Sep 24 2009 3:44 pm

    I was also thinking that the cats would have LOVED that!!! It does look yummy and what a nice way to recycle an extra sheet!!!

  2. Mom Orme / Sep 25 2009 9:25 am

    I love it. And to think we could see you working on it when we Skyped last week. (Maybe this winter I can find some old sheets to keep you “busy” while you’re around here.)

  3. kristenmakes / Sep 25 2009 10:19 am

    I’d LOVE that!!! Just remind me to bring my size 19 needles with me!

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