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July 28, 2009 / KristenMakes

…time for catch-up

Ok, so I HAVE actually been knitting more than I have been showing in the past few months.  It is sometimes difficult to post everything one makes, esp. when one finishes a project and the next project begins calling ever so sweetly and seductively. 

And so I am playing catch up today!  First on my list:

1. Crumpet Beret
Made from Tahki Donegal Tweed that my husband and my father in law surprised me with after a trip to Ligonier, PA (Kathy’s Kreations!)


CIMG8769 CIMG8766

2. Clapotis
This was made from leftover yarn from my Minimalist Cardigan. I wanted it thinner and scarfier than the pattern called for, so I altered it thusly.



3. Baronness Beret
This I made when TEO & I went to visit our friends Marc & Sara in St. Augustine. I am always in need of a project on any trip and this time brought several options. Ended up making this little number! Of course I made TEO model it for me, and he sweetly obliged!


CIMG9196 CIMG9195

4. Sideways Cloche
This is the first pattern I have had a chance to do from one of my Christmas present knitting books, Boutique Knits. It was really quick and fun, and a great chance to use up some stash yarn that I had.





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  1. sue orme / Jul 28 2009 8:10 pm

    You’re going to enjoy wearing your cute hats in Scotland (maybe Trent will, too?).
    Just be sure he has his own hats, so he doesn’t have to wear your’s.:)
    Mom Orme

  2. Dad / Jul 28 2009 10:25 pm

    Where did you ever find such a cute male model

  3. manda pants / Sep 18 2009 3:33 pm

    i didn’t understand half of what i just read.. but it makes me want to understand it. i really think i would love knitting, but i don’t know how to begin without having you nearby to coach me! i’m hoping that when we visit (and aren’t touring the land) you can help me through a beginners project (maybe my own cute hat?)

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