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June 26, 2009 / KristenMakes

…some animal friends

Well I haven’t been knitting so much, sadly. Things have been so busy what with moving to Melbourne, sorting through our things, and me starting my temporary job before the move.

We did, however make time for a trip to Disney world and Animal Kingdom last weekend! It was our first time at AK, & it was so great!  I met and brushed some very friendly animals at the petting zoo. We went on the Everest roller coaster and ate some very yummy snacks.  Disney had closed Space Mountain for renovation (until winter!) and I believe we heard it will be the first renovation on that ride since it opened.  Disappointed, of course, but the rest of the park was lots of fun it was OK.  Other disappointments: ridiculously hot weather, and enough screaming sweaty children to scare me away from procreation for an indefinite amount of time.  Everything else was great though!

Dizzy still from an invigorating ride in a teacup! (Disney)

If you look really closely, you can see 2 baby elephants playing with each other in the water.  The guide told us that you rarely get to see that, but of course he may have been just saying that to make us feel special…  it worked, of course!


Above: two very iconic Animal Kingdom sights, the “Big Tree” and Everest, the ride.



My two favorite things – my husband and sheep!  I had the best time at the petting zoo.  I think it was the highlight of my weekend; that’s right, a petting zoo.


They provided us with brushes and the goats LOVED getting brushed.  They would hold completely still while we brushed them.  One of the guides informed us that the goats were fairly new to the petting zoo and they were still getting used to the brushing.  I think the goats really liked me, but who wouldnt’!?!

Sheep liked the brushed too!  I asked the guide what they do with the wool, and she said that there wasn’t enough wool to sell to yarn and fiber companies, but they mainly reuse it and circulate it around the park for other things.  She gave a few examples of inter-park wooly uses, but I forgot them.  I’m not a very diligent web-journalist.

Now we’re back to my dad’s house where we are living up until the big move. I’m trying to get back into knitting again with the leaf pullover by bernat, but it’s difficult to knit in a place that isn’t your “own” space. I’ll get back into it shortly, I know!


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