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May 27, 2009 / KristenMakes

…a summerdress


I’ve really been in a dress phase lately. Something about wearing a fun and flowy dress just makes me feel like a free little kid again. I chose this pattern for the neckline mainly (the one on the middle dress) and made a few changes to it. I shortened it a fair amount and made it sleeveless and more tank-like.


I also had lots of fun accessorizing it:

CIMG9079  CIMG9086

The gathers were fun, but also tedious. There were a lot of layers of fabric and my patience is a little thinner than it used to be. If you look closely the craftmanship is… not so good! But I don’t really care.


CIMG9099 CIMG9109

Ruby and Alyosha like the dress too!


Oh yeah, by the way, my birthday is tomorrow! 27 on the 27th, whoop whoop!



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  1. manda pants / Jun 2 2009 3:03 am

    that’s a double whoop whoop! one for your birthday and one for the dress.
    this calls for a fashion show at lunch!


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