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May 19, 2009 / KristenMakes

…my first shawl

Well, readers.  It has happened.  My knitting obsession has finally turned me into a granny. 


Proof:  I knitted my first shawl.  I have always thought that shawls were so frumpy and grandmotherly.  When I first picked up knitting needles as a serious knitter, I planned only to represent the cool, young knitters out there.  None of that old world knitting crap.


Alas, I eat my words.  I now like shawls.  Granted, the patterns out there are quite cute and shawls no longer have to be the huuuuge, drapey, mothball-smelling germ-factory that they once were (at least as they once were in MY opinion). 


Plus shawls are pretty flexible.  As my model, Ruby has clearly demonstrated throughout this post, one can wear them as a shawl, or as scarf, or even as a kercheif (which is funnily enough starting to become quite a fashion).

CIMG8889      CIMG8886

The shawl featured is the Arrowhead Shawl from Interweave Knits magazine and also featured in  The pattern was pretty simple and fun.  I think I used berrocco sockease yarn, purchased so generously for my by my mother at the Knit and Stitch Boutique in Cocoa Village, FL.  I also got my first ever skeins of Noro yarn in a really nice off-white colorway.  I’m too intimidated to use it as of yet.


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  1. lisa / May 20 2009 7:36 pm

    i wish i could send you an old shawl of my mom’s so you could make it look like this one. awesome.

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