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May 10, 2009 / KristenMakes

…a minimalist cardigan


Probably at least 2 months ago, I ordered some yarn from to make this cardigan.  They sent me about 3 more skeins than I remember ordering, darn!  Anyway, I liked how simple this cardigan is, how it hangs very casually.  It knit up pretty quickly, too.


The moss stitch has some a really nice detailed look.  It’s not too thick and overly warm, even with the yarn being 100% wool.


I like how it’s cropped so it looks pretty cute with jeans, or with a dress.  I think it may be a little too cropped, and I get slightly annoyed that I unintentionally made the sleeves and the hem end at the same point.  Oh well.

CIMG8721     CIMG8686

Modifications that I made to the pattern:

  • I sewed down the collar/placket rather than allowing the stockinette stitch to curl and roll under.
  • I think I also made it a little shorter than the pattern.
  • The sleeves came out too baggy so I (gasp) took it to my sewing machine, sewed in about an inch of seam allowance, trimmed the excess, seam-finished the yarny edges, and steam-set the seam with my iron.  I know this is taboo in the knitting world but I wouldn’t have it it with the sleeves as frumpy as they were.


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  1. Angeli / May 11 2009 1:29 pm

    i like this…the inside edge (the part that goes down the middle of your chest) is cool…very cute overall!

  2. manda pants / May 21 2009 5:08 am

    that cardigan is so cute. you are so ridiculously talented! i also didn’t know that you made that prom dress.. look at you go!!


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