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April 5, 2009 / KristenMakes

…a dress!

Although this has turned out to be predominantly a knitting blog, this is not a knitted dress; I am still very stubbornly of the mindset that knitted dresses are for the most part quite unflattering to the female form.  On the contrary, my friends, I have pulled out my dusty old sewing machine and made for myself a sewing nook once again.  Meet Ruby, my darling and ever so willing model/dressform. She looks just wonderful in my new sewing nook!


By the way, Ruby is sporting my freshly made Arrowhead Shawl, which I will post about later…

Anyway, turns out I still know a think or two about sewing, because this dress came about pretty smoothly! I picked out some really nice soft turquoise fabric fully intending it for another dress (which I may still make later on), but then I discovered my new favorite website, BurdaStyle! After spending a few hours searching patterns that can be printed at home or at a copy shop (some free, others at a very cheap price), I picked out a dress that this tuquoise fabric was much better suited for, the “Coffee Date Dress.”

CIMG8898 CIMG8906 









The best part of this dress is the great ruffle. It’s not too much, but not too little. I’m very particular about things like this so its very fortunate that I find this dress so adorable! The silhouette (A-line) is perfect. The size I thought I’d measured myself out to be turned out a little too big but with a little crafty changes I made it fit me quite nicely.



I think I may be putting away my knitting needles for my sewing machine a little more frequently. I have contracted the sewing bug, and its not going away without a fight.


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  1. Angeli / Apr 6 2009 5:04 pm

    Yay!! I am most excited about the sewing posts. I would love to make clothes but am too scared to try! I just need to learn some basic skills first, I think. Straight stitching will probably only take me so far. Anyway, I love this dress! Very flattering and just enough feminine.

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