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March 30, 2009 / KristenMakes

…Birdie Stockings

I know this post is long overdue, since it features items I made as Christmas presents, but I still have to show them off anyway!  Trent’s sister, Amanda (whom you’ve seen wearing the monkey hat), and her husband brad (seen wearing the manly mitts) live way off in Seattle.  For a very long time, she’s been wanting some Christmas decorations in the knitted form.  We decided to surprise them for Christmas with some pre-stuffed homemade Christmas stockings.  We didn’t want the stockings to look like your standard green, red, and white stockings, but something a little different for them. 


I chose a simple knitted pattern from a great book, Holiday Knits. I knitted in the round using magic loop technique (my first time with magic oop), making one in green with a brown birdie, and one in brown with a green birdie. This was my first experience with embroidering on knits, and I found this video  on youtube to be extremely helpful. The embroidery turned out really nicely!

CIMG8351 CIMG8363c

We stuffed them with fun goodies from World Market, and Brad & Amanda loved them.


btw, the mini stockings of ours that are pictured above are for kitties, not kiddies.  No little rugrats yet!


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