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February 16, 2009 / KristenMakes

…a frill tank

A few weeks ago I was really bored at work so I figured out how to email a picture from my iPhone to my Flickr account, and from there, add a post to my blog using the photo.  By the way, WordPress had a webapp for the iPhone.  The heavens above are shining down on me!  It is amazing.  Anyhow, out of boredom, I experimentally uploaded a photo of my most recent FO at the time, my frilly tank.  Now I have the opportunity to update you on that little taste of frill tank. 


The yarn was not so great.  It was cheap cotton from Hobby Lobby that spliced with every stitch.  I must not have been paying attention to the dye lot because right under my arms I must have switched skeins because there is a fairly noticeable change in shades of navy blue.  Oh well, I love this tank despite the yarn’s flaws.

CIMG8740 CIMG8749

The pattern is from Rebecca Magazine, a German knitting magazine.  I purchased the magazine (the English version)from their website, solely for this pattern, but it is chock-full of amazing and cute patterns that I cannot wait to get to.  I changed it up by adding some shaping  to flatten the tummy, and started the lace pattern a lot higher.  Cal me crazy but I did not want lacy openness down to my belly button.  I also made the frills too long accidentally, so I sewed them up along the neckline to the shoulder seam, rather than stopping right at the top.  I think it frames it quite well.


The lacing looks nice in the back, and the picot crochet edge is just right (I was fearing it may be too much). I am pretty proud of this project, I think it turned out pretty well-made-looking, even if it wasn’t actually well-made.

Frill tank


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