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February 8, 2009 / KristenMakes

…my husband’s sweater


The poor man is so patient with me.  Back in June he and I picked out some yarn at Kathy’s Kreations when we were visiting his father’s home town, Ligonier, Pennsylvania.  He picked out some really nice Berrocco Wool yarn in a nice green.  I flew through the sweater like crazy – made the hem, did the sleeves, finished the body, joined the sleeves to the body, and knitted the shoulders.  We wanted it to look just like Brooklyn Tweed’s Seamless Hybrid, a pattern created by my absolute favorite knitter, Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I love how the shoulders slope up nicely and cleanly, and the yoke in the back is amazing.

I was knitting at break-neck speed, and forcing him to try it on practially every row (it’s very hard to achieve a good fit for this guy!), and things were going along swimmingly. I finally race to the finish with a rush-job of a neckline, pick up some neckline stitches to do the K1 P1 rib, bind off, and breathe once again. Finished… Right? No. Trent wasn’t home, so I had to try it on myself, and it wouldn’t even get over my head, the neckline was bound off so tightly. What was worse, the back yoke puckered horribly. If you listen really closely you’ll hear the sound of my heart sinking down into my Payless moccasins.

CIMG8324 CIMG8319

See the puckering and the tiny little hole for the head? I know, I know, it wasn’t the end of the world. But you must understand, I am so horrible at finishing projects that if I experience the miracle of finishing a project and it’s not perfect, it takes a lot of forced and unhappy effort to rip out the stitches and finish the project again.

So, the sweater sat out the summer, fall, and winter of 2008 in my closet. The poor little sweater watched many many projects begun and finished, and sat patiently waiting. Christmas came and went, and finally, sick of the guilt and undeserving of my husband’s patience, I glumly pulled big green from the closet and ripped and ripped. It is very difficult to rip out wool stitches that have been knitted together for months – they had practically been felted together. But I did not have to rip out and redo this neckline once, but 3 times. The first time, the neckline was way too tight. The second time, mildly too tight. The third time it fit, but we realized the shoulders were too wide and it was creating a boatneck-like effect. So I ripped out a third time and improvised by picking up neckline stitches, knit about 3 more rows on each shoulder, and for the fourth time, did my K1 P1 neckline. Perfect. Finally.

CIMG8822 CIMG8816

I really love the knitted hem in the body and the sleeves, and Trent loves how they hang straight down, without blousing out as in a ribbed hem.  It truly fits him perfectly and I can proudly say it was worth all the work.  Please don’t remind me that it was only a lot of work because I was rushing at the end.  Lesson learned:  Take your time, no matter how excited you are to be near the finished.  Take your time.  Oh, and don’t put off old projects into hibernation.  This sweater could have enjoyed a wonderful 2 days’ worth of Florida winter, but it was tucked away, unfinished.  Anyhow, he just looks so darn cute in it, that I can’t be so hard on myself any more.

CIMG8820     CIMG8814




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  1. sue orme / Feb 9 2009 12:00 am

    Hey Kristen —
    The sweater looks great! (And so does Trent!)
    Mom O

  2. Angelili / Feb 9 2009 3:53 pm

    aww. cute! what a crazy amount of effort but well worth it i’d say.

  3. lisa / Mar 19 2009 7:35 pm

    kristen, kristen, kristen, you silly girl. i don’t have photography skills. but i love uploading my photos to flickr and playing with the editing.
    that cool hat for mya was purchased on etsy. i wish i had a friend near me who could crochet like you. you should make one like it!

    love you.


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