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April 19, 2008 / KristenMakes

…her first fairisle


Or something to that extent.  The actual name of the pattern is the Caitlin Pullover, by Pam Allen.  I saw that it was a fairly simple pattern for those new to fairisle, and I guess technically it isn’t even fairisle.  Sounded like the sweater for me.  Thanks to my new obsession, RAVELRY, I saw the other sweaters of this pattern that had been made by other knitters, and was encouraged to try this in the round.  You’d think that having a background in fashion design, as well as having been a sewing teacher, that I would have some sort of skill at sewing up at the end of a knit pattern, but heavens no!  I sew seams unevenly and far too tightly!  So, having realized this, my new goal is to knit in the round as much as possible – it made this sweater much easier. 

CIMG7584 IMG_0091

Now it turned out rather cute, and the fit of the body is perfect, but the neckline needs to be redone.  It hits a little to high up on the front neckline in my opinion, forcing me to constantly pull it down, which is annoying and will strecth out the body.  Not sure yet how to approach the neckline shaping, but I’ll figure that out later.


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  1. Jenny / Apr 22 2008 11:40 pm

    Hi! Your sweater looks great – I too am a big fan of knitting in the round for the sake of avoiding seaming.

    Devonshire ( introduced me to your blog through Ravelry – love all your cute projects. And so cool that your background is fashion! Do you teach sewing in Bethlehem?

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