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February 15, 2008 / KristenMakes

…a-corny hat


The story of this hat is long and boring.  So I’ll tell you!  I was raking through the plenty of free patterns from Crystal Palace Yarns just to see what was out there and I came across this hat and saved it not thinking much of it.  The hat was pictured on a creepy mannequin so of course I didn’t look past the model to see its true potential.  Somehow Teo saw the hat and immediately had to have it.  Dragging my feet, thinking it was way too goofy I agreed and proceeded to take months and many other projects before I even ordered the yarn for it.  Finally it came in, and I sat and knit it in a few hours while Teo was at work.  Then I hid the finished hat in my unmentionables drawer to bring in out at just the right moment for a pleasant surprise.  I chose that moment when he was trying on his newly finished Harry Potter-esque scarf, so that he would have a hat to go with it.  His utter joy immediately disintegrated when he tried it on and found it too small.  By this time, I’ve seen what he’s been seeing in this crazy hat and finally realized how adorable it was – so I kept it for me!  Since then, I have made the hat 3 more times – twice for Teo because the second time it was to big, but the third time it was just right…  talk about your Goldilocks! 


Plus I’ve also made it in navy blue yarn (above) left over from my Mrs. Darcy sweater and sent it to Amanda for her birthday (btw, Amanda send pictures!).  Okay, Trent, I guess the hat is darling.


(a more recent addition to the blog:)

I finally got Teo to pose with his hat, the original acorn!





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  1. Jenny / Feb 23 2008 10:31 pm

    I love how the hat looks like a hersheys kiss!

  2. Sarah / Apr 9 2008 5:09 pm

    hi! ive just been on the website that you said you found the pattern for that cute hat on… but i cant find it anywhere!


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