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January 15, 2008 / KristenMakes

…Christmas stuff

Last year was our very first winter in PA (we are Floridians) so I spent a lot of time indoors making things. Trent & I love Christmas and, being fairly newlywed, we wanted to start some of our own traditions.  I started w/ stockings.


I made the green one for Trent, red for me, and striped for the kitties… yes, you have now learned that our kitties are unhealthfully important to us.  Anyhow, I think the stockings turned out alright.


We wanted them to be simple and timeless so we wouldn’t outgrow them. And I wanted them BIG, so that we couldn’t outgrow them.   Of course, on Christmas morning, I found stuffed in my stocking a knitting magazine featuring a charming nativity set. The set would have to wait, but I got started right away on a larger version of the nativity set’s angel, and custom-made her as the tree topper.


Of course, she’s pictured as a paper towel holder topper because we had gotten rid of the tree by the time she was done. But it’s one holy paper towel holder. Anyway, it took me an entire year to knit through all the figures – not including the animals, which may have to wait till next year.




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  1. kristenmakes / Jan 15 2008 7:00 am

    I just realized you can’t see all of them, but pictured here are:

    1 angel
    1 Mary holding baby Jesus
    1 Joseph
    2 Shepherds
    3 Wise Men

    Maybe a better picture next year, with sheep, camels, and a donkey too!

  2. Mom / Jan 28 2008 3:01 am

    This would make a fabulous Christmas gift for a loved one…..

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