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October 12, 2007 / KristenMakes

… a functional sweater!

Now folks, I don’t mean that this is functional like it will do your laundry or rotate your tires. Baby steps, here. I am just that excited that I have made a sweater that is functional as a sweater. I can wear it, it fits, and I like it. Function enough for me! I got the pattern from knitty this February (kudos the the designer, Laura Chau), and I just finished it last week!

The stitch pattern was fairly intricate for this self-proclaimed beginner, and the yarn was excrutiatingly fine, but it succeeded in creating a look that is similar to thermal underwear, thus lending it it’s given pattern name, “Thermal.” It is very warm, as the waffle-like weave is made to trap air to the body, keeping the body warmer – how’s that for a little science for you?

Anyhow, I added some leather buttons on the placket, giving it a stuffy, professor-like look to it, you know, the kind of buttons you would see on a worn tweed jacket with wide whale corduroy elbow patches – which, by the way if you see one, my husband would love it.

So as you can see, I am a very happy girl to have not knitted another flop. If only this Pennsylvania weather would get cold soon, and my sweater could serve its function of keeping me warm and cheerful. But before that I need to finish my mittens and a long overdue hat for my husband… he’s getting feisty. Oh, and by the way mom, I cut myself some bangs in my hair.


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  1. TEO / Oct 12 2007 5:12 am

    I want my Hat!!

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