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October 5, 2007 / KristenMakes

…a flop

Well friends. There is in cyberspace a plethora of knitwork pieces out there that I admire as items that show plenty of skill in making, but I wouldn’t wear in a million years. Knits just tend to be frumpy and unflattering, and I am very picky in what I would wear for a homemade sweater.

Where am I going with this, you may ask? Well, the proud Kristen, full of principles, has contributed an awful piece of crap to the genus of knitted crap. It started from a Vogue Knitting winter ’05 magazine, pictured as a chic and structured shawl-collared jacket. I turned it into a dumpy, frumpy orange robe-like wrap. I even tried to salvage it by sewing down the wrap fronts so that they would not droop, but alas, the sweater was unable to be saved.

My very first sweater, pictured here, is now floating through the Goodwill circuit. Is it keeping warm a mother of two? Is it now swaddling for a sleepy housecat? I can only imagine, but the important thing is, it is in my home no longer. Goodbye, dear sweater. Gauging, knowing when to quit – these are the lessons invaluable that you have taught me.


What say you?

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